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Meat on a stick.

Roxanne, a friend of mine from Baltimore,  is a big fan of meat on a stick, so this one is for her!

One of my blogger friends from Tiny Kitchen Stories recently posted a recipe for Kofta which is a Middle Eastern version of meat on a stick.

I have always been a fan of this sort of thing, but was skeptical when I saw this one was made with turkey.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy turkey, but mostly in the “Thanks Giving Dinner” format.   Otherwise I find it rather bland and boring.

But these certainly changed my opinion!

Check out the recipe for the original ingredients:    Kofta

I’ll admit that I was too lazy to toast and grind the cumin and coriander seed so I just used the plain old powdered version and also added about 1/2 tsp of cinnamon which is not on the list.

And I  did the whole she-bang in the food processor instead of doing it lovingly in different stages, so mine came out much squishier looking than hers but it still held together just fine.

I also really liked that there wasn’t any flour or bread crumbs or any of that business in it.

And I chilled them for about 1/2 and hour before baking them just so they would keep their shape.  I think this would be even more useful it you were going to do them on the grill.

We don’t have a bar b que so I just did them in the oven.   Baked them for half the time and turned them over for the second half.   But when I took them out at half time they looked a little dry so I gave them a quick brush of olive oil before I put them back in and it seemed to do the trick!

Mine were also a lot bigger and thicker than hers ( I could only find three skewers in the drawer ) so instead of plating them whole, I cut them up into more “brochette” looking chunks  so there would be no fighting over who got more and then served them on rice with salad and home-made Tzatziki Sauce.

Was very pleasing indeed.

And just before serving, I gave the whole thing a quick hit of fresh lemon juice.  That always brightens things up!

Thanks Tiny Kitchen!

Comments on: "Meat on a stick." (8)

  1. That looks awesome! Thanks so much for the plug, and for making my recipe. I’m so glad you adapted and overcame the differences in our kitchens–the “brochette” cut and the rice look amazing. I am drooling over your yogurt dressing, that looks so tasty but would kill my stomach. Cheers!

    • How about goat? Can you have goat yogurt? I know some people can tolerate it better. But even withouth the sauce…..the flavour was great….especially for turkey! Thanks again.

      • I’ve tried sheep’s yogurt, and it’s much better; I make tandoori chicken or fish marinade with it, but still can’t eat it straight. Boo hoo, right? 😉 But I manage to still eat a bunch of great stuff!
        I’m glad you liked the flavors–as you mentioned in your blog, turkey really needs strong ones to taste good.

  2. roxanne said:

    yum! thanks for dedicating a recipe to me!!
    you are rocking out that middle eastern dish! it looks fantastic, straight from the restaurant!
    I wish I could dig into it!

  3. Very moist and tasted great.

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