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My favorite Tzatziki sauce

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but my top three “cuisines” to eat are Indian, Mexican and “Mediterranean”.  I know I am cheating with Mediterranean because it encompasses the food of several different countries.  Like Greek, Italian, Persian, Lebanese, Morraccan… get the picture.  Cuisines with deep roots and strong flavours!

When I lived in Montreal we would often frequent the many Greek restaurants.  I’ll admit, probably because most of them were “bring your wine” type establishments.  Meaning you can drink a bunch more wine for your dollar!

The one thing that was always so good at the Montreal Greek restaurants, that regrettably I have not tasted again in my travels, is the Tzatziki sauce.

So since then I have been trying to replicate it myself and have come pretty close with this one.

First you will need some full fat plain yogurt or “Greek style” which is more and more readily available.

I then strain it to thicken it up.   I just purchased an inexpensive reuseable coffee filter and put it on top of a container and then pour in the yogurt.  Put it in the fridge for awhile, the longer the better, till all the liquid drains out.

Strain the yogurt

Then grate about a 3rd of an English cucumber into a clean tea towel.

grated cucumber

 Then tie up the tea towel and stand over the sink and twist as hard as you can till as much liquid comes out of the cucumber as possible.  Then place the squeezed cucumber in a bowl. 

Squeezed cucumber

Then finely mince 1 or 2 cloves of fresh garlic and add to the grated cucumber.
Then, when it is well strained, add the yogurt and mix well with the garlic and cucumber.
Some people also add a bit of sour cream to make it nice and thick, but I find if you strain the yogurt long enough it isn’t necessary.
Then season with salt and pepper and about a teaspoon of dried or fresh dill.
Mix well and then refrigerate till all the flavours exchange well.
Then when you are about to serve it, give it a quick shot of nice olive oil.

Tzatziki sauce

Serve with some pita wedges or with your favour Greek dishes.

Tzatziki and pita


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  1. […] Mine were also a lot bigger and thicker than hers ( I could only find three skewers in the drawer ) so instead of plating them whole, I cut them up into more “brochette” looking chunks  so there would be no fighting over who got more and then served them on rice with salad and home-made Tzatziki Sauce. […]

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