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Five Years Later


It’s true, this blog turns five years old today!

5 year


As ledgend has it, it all started when I took a food writing class and one of our assignments was to start a food blog……you know….just to learn how to do it, set it up and the like.

I wonder how many people from the class still have theirs?

I’ll admit I’ve been a little lax with it over the last year, maybe two years, but not because I don’t like it.  It’s more a case of just running out of food to write about……or is it?

The real truth?  My computer is really really old and slow and drives me crazy, because believe it or not, writing a blog is kind of involved.  Adding pictures and formating and all that stuff.  So when your computer it crap, it is very discouraging and a great deterrent.

I know, just get a new damn computer!  I really suck at that.  I have tried so many times and just always chicken out, so worried I will get the wrong thing.  This one may be really slow, but at least I know how to use it!




The very first blog was called ” Can you really make pasta with a Juicer” and was featured right here on February 19th, 2011.

So I thought how better to commemorate the occasion than by seeing if I can “Make nut butter in a juicer”?

Natural nut butters are very expensive in the store.   Admittedly, so are nuts, but not as expensive as the pre-squished ones!  So why not make your own?

Well, sometimes because it is easier said than done.

I’ve tried making it a few times in Vitamix, the Cadillac of blenders.  I think on the right setting Vitamix might even be able to do your taxes!  But for nut butter, it grinds it well enough but because of the shape you really lose a lot of product that gets gummed up down in the blade area.

So then I tried the plain old food processor.  This seems to work well on most occasions, but on this one, something went wrong.  Perhaps it was because I was using frozen nuts?  Not sure what the problem was, but it just simply didn’t want to stick together and become creamy.




So after grinding away at it for way too long, I looked up and spied the juicer sitting there.  I know that the juicer comes with a “blank” attachement, the same one I used to make the pasta.

I scooped the nuts out of the food processor and stuffed it down the feeder chute of the juicer……..

What came out……was even more dry and unpleasant than what had been at the bottom of the processor.





But that’s the thing about food blogs, they don’t always have to be about the successes.  Sometimes it is good to share one’s failures as well.  You know, to spare the reader the same misfortune.

I tried to eat it anyway……but it really wasn’t very good.



The point of all this?

Blogging is fun.  Who ever would have thought that any ol body, any ol where, can write about whatever nonsense is going on with them, and someone, some where WILL read it!!


Happy Blogaversary to me!













Healthy Breakfast things

I saw this recipe on a magazine page and thought I might like to try them.

Click here  to see original recipe.

They seemed easy enough but once into them I realized they might be a lot more work than I’d planned for and required a number of appliances!

Firstly I didn’t have any ground flax.   Many will argue with me, but we were taught in nutrition school that in order for ground flax to be nutritionally viable,  that isn’t to say it isn’t good as fibre, but in order to reap the benefits of the omega 3 content, you must grind it immediately before using.

So I had to grind the flax seeds.  For some reason I thought I could do it in the food processor, but they are slippery little fellows, so I had to take them out of the food processor and put them into the coffee/ spice grinder to effectivly grind them!

Then I realized I didn’t have any apple sauce, but I did have fresh apples.  Should I put them through the juicer and just use the pulp?  That would require ANOTHER appliance wouldn’t it?  So I instead chopped them up, skin on, and tossed THEM into the food processor and worked them till they were all squashed up. Then poured them into the mix master ( now our third appliance!)

Then I used the food processor again to grate the carrots and ginger, but it was already dirty from the apples, so it doesn’t really count as another appliance.

Then followed the recipe per instructions and then into the oven – appliance number four!

They turned out very nice I must say, even if they were a lot of work.

But keep in mind, they are NOT cookies.   These are very hearty.  I had a couple for breakfast this morning, heated in the toaster oven and dabbed with a bit of peanut butter.  Very filling and satisfying.

I was thinking that they would do good on a hiking trip where you needed some nice compact energy.

Healthy carrot cake cookies

So if you have the time and the appliances, give them a try!

Raw dessert?

So what even IS raw dessert?   Fruit?

No.  I think there are other things we can come up with.

Although, I do know a super quick easy fruit involved raw treat.

Take a few bananas and peel them and put them into some sort of air tight container and pop them in the freezer.  When they are super frozen pop them in a food processor or if you are lucky like me and have a masticating juicer, put on the blank attachment and push the frozen banana through the juicer and a creamy deliciousness will come out the other end.

Eat it straight or add the toppings of your choice and you will barely notice it isn’t real ice cream!!

( Click here ) to see it explained even better than me!


Here is another recipe for a raw dessert but I haven’t tried it yet.

 Raw Carrot Cake ( click here)

So there you have it.  A overview of some things you could eat if you chose to go “RAW”.

If nothing else, I hope it got you thinking and at worst you have some good summer recipes.


Can you really make pasta with a juicer?

We are having some people in for a home-made pasta party next week.  We have one of those metal pasta makers, the kind you clamp on to your table and crank the dough through till it’s flat enough.  But I’m not allowed to use it, so today I decided to try my own thing.

I have one of those fancy Omega  juicers, the kind you can make all sorts of things with, one of which is apparently pasta.  It comes with a bunch of different nozzles that go on the front where the pulp normally comes out.  I’ve been wanting to try the pasta feature forever.

I thought if I were going to all this trouble, why not make it impressive?  So I thought I’d make beet flavoured pasta.

First I needed beets.  I used the juicer in the normal way and juiced three small beets.  Then I put the juice in a small sauce pan and reduced it down till it was almost syrupy.  My resident Chef told me to do that instead of just using the straight juice, otherwise the pasta will just come out pink instead of red.

Meanwhile, I made the pasta dough in the KitchenAid  mix master.  It was a multiple appliance day! 

Having never made pasta dough before, I used the recipe found on this website:


Only when the recipe calls for water, I used the reduced beet  juice instead.

Once the dough was ready, then came the fun part.  Might I just say for the record, that I highly recommend this part as two person operation.  I did it alone, but it took a lot of maneuvering and a lot of time.

It helps if you put a bit of flour in and around the feeder of the juicer before you start shoving the dough in.  Roll the dough into a nice sausage shape, a little thinner than the opening of the feeder.  Start the juicer and slowly lower the dough into the feeder.  Once it reaches the auger it will start to be pulled in, but eventually you will have to help it with the plunger.

This is where it gets all crazy and you need an extra set of hands.  You are squashing the dough in on top and then the noodles  start  coming out the front.  I found I had to keep stopping and starting so that I could cut off the lengths of pasta and lay them out.  They were coming out four strands at a time and if you aren’t fast they will stick together.  If this happens and you can’t gently pull them apart, no worries, just shove them back in the feeder for another go round.

It took me a couple of goes to get the hang of it, but once you do, it will be fine.  The problem was what to do with the noodles once they came out of the machine.  My only thought was from all those movies I’ve seen set in Italian kitchens where they “dry” the pasta.  I put some tea towels on the back of my kitchen chairs and voila!  Pasta driers!

drying pasta

More drying pasta

 Clean up wasn’t that fun.  Keep in mind that there will be a nice chunk of dough still left in the machine.  This can be rescued and used for something if you wanted to. 
Washing up the juicer parts was a little challenging but that oversized toothbrush that came in the  box finally came in handy.
Once the pasta is dry, I pictured rolling it up into those birds nest type things you see the “fresh” pasta at the grocery store in.  But once it was dry it seemed to crack easily so instead I had to find a container that I could lay it in length wise.

Pasta ready to cook

Ideally you want to use it right away, but mine will have to keep a day or two.
I’ll let you know how it turns out!
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