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Growing Stuff April 20th

I’ve decided to try and grow some potato on purpose this year. 

Last year I was trying to grow cauliflowers when suddenly a potato plant started growning in the middle of them and took over the whole party.  I suspect it was from peels that I had tossed in to compost.

Potatoes growing in the cauliflower! ( last year )

So this year I have a nice little potato with some eyes on it.  I’ve cut it into a few bits.

Potato buds

Then I have planted the bits in a nice deep tub of dirt.

I’ll let you know what happens.



If you look REALLY closely you can see a few tiny weeny Swiss Chard sprouts trying to grow from the new batch of seeds I planted outside.  I really think these ARE chard because they are red!

Chard sprouts


I am happy to see that the oregano plant has a few little leaves trying to grow.  Last year it was completely dead but then came back full blast!

Oregano trying to grow




I found out that a friend of mine is actually an award winner tomato growing expert!!  The things you find out about people! 

Anyway, I had been telling her my growing troubles but commented on how pleased I was with the progress of my tomato plants that I am growning inside from seed.

She told me that it is very important to mound the dirt around the base of the plant.  This helps make it stronger for when the tomatoes appear.   So that’s what I did!

AND I added coffee grounds to the dirt as a fertilizer

( click here to read from Grounds to ground)





As for the mystry plant?

The concensus is……..that is it some sort of sunflowers!

Rogue Sunflowers!


Pipe Cleaner?

I’m not sure where I first heard this or even if it is really true, I but I know I have been doing it for years!

I’m speaking of course about dumping coffee grounds down the sink!

I know that some of you will be outraged!  But in my mind it makes sense, kind of like an exfoliator for the pipes!



Coffee grounds

Now I’m not saying dump it all down at once and clog up the works!

What I usually do is dump it to the side a little and then use the water to gradually wash it down.


Wash it down to clean the pipes!


But think of it, scratchy bits flowing by in water, scraping off built up gunk on the way by and floating it away!

And I’m no chemistry expert but……I’m thinking that coffee grounds have to be a heck of a lot better for the environment than say……Draino?   Don’t you think?





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