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Trouble in the balcony garden

I’m afraid the news isn’t too good from the balcony garden.

Still waiting for the ONE tomato to get red.

One lonely tomato

I started a new batch of lettuce but the birds kept eating it!  What is up with THAT?  Earlier in the year they had decimated my fresh mint but it has since grown back since I took it out of their reach.  So I had to out smart them and figure out some sort of contraption so they couldn’t get at the lettuce but it was still free to grow and live it’s life!

Bird proofing the lettuce

Same problem with a pot full of chard I am trying to grow.   Only with this one the birds went straight for the seeds!

Bird proofing the chard

But the most concerning problem is what is happening with the cauliflower!  I’m so sad with the outcome of this.  Could it be because they are still competing with the crazy potato plant still thriving in the other side of the bin?

Take a look what is going on.

They started off nice and white and round like this:

Normal cauliflower development

 But then suddenly they have turned to this.  Stray pieces growing randomly with an almost purple off colour to them.  Very troubling.

Mutant cauliflower!

Any thoughts on what might be going on or how to remedy the situation?   I would love to hear from you!


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