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This Blog turns six!

So hard to believe it has already been six years, since I took those food writing classes, on those damp Winter nights back in 2011.

This blog was a class assignment.  I don’t know if any of you know this, other than blog writing people, that things that are posted on the internet, don’t really exist until you tell someone to look at them.

Click here to see very first post!

Sure, someone might randomly come across your post, but even that is unlikely unless you somehow  make it known to any search engine.  That’s why “tagging” is important or attaching it to thing like Facebook or Twitter.  So people can even know it’s there.

There are many tactics on how to get more traffic to your blog, like going to other like-minded blogs and “liking” stuff or commenting.  Then the other people who look at that blog see you and might want to check out what your blog is…..and so on and so on.

That’s why I say having a blog is kind of like having a bank account that you don’t really touch but it keeps getting interest.

In the last few years, life has gotten in the way of me being able to add and offer up things to the blog on a regular basis, yet every day, someone, somewhere, somehow takes a look at one or more of my posts.

That’s really cool.

Thank you for all the support over the last six years!  I wish I could promise to “get back at it” but we do the best we can with what we’ve got!



When was the last time you changed the filter in your Britta water jug?

I know, me too.

I’m not a fan of bottled water for many reasons.  I  try to avoid it where ever possible, but there are always a few places, like when inside the gate at the airport or other restricted places  that you have no choice if you need a drink.

And I am blessed to live in a place that has some of the cleanest tap water that there is.

Now we can debate the merits of the filtered water till the cows come home but bottom line,  for some reason, water just always tastes better when it is filtered and left in the fridge.

I myself have had a Britta water filter jug for years and very much enjoy it.  Truth is, chlorine is a volatile gas and so when water is left sitting, filtered or not, it will dissipate.  So probably just filling any jug and putting it in the fridge for a while will taste better than regular chlorinated tap water.

So do the filters help?  Well I think so.  They can filter out quite a few things and some they can’t.

But the one thing to remember, for them to work well, is to CHANGE them from time to time!!

The manufacturer suggests once a month.   But they would, wouldn’t they?  Cause they want you to buy more of them.

I am comfortable with using one for three months.  But it will depend on the frequency of use.

But I admit, sometimes it can drag on much longer to six months or more!!

Perhaps we should use the same rule of thumb that we do for the battery in our smoke detectors.  To at least change them every time we change the clocks!!

Another tell-tale hint that it is time to change them is when you start to get a weird coloured film inside the top of the jug where you put in the fresh water……that is never good…..but does go to show you that the filter is working!

And the whole bit about soaking the new filter for about an hour before using is actually true.   I used to poo poo it and just shove it in and go.  But when you do this, you will notice a layer of the black coal dust on the bottom of the “clean” water for a few days after.   You don’t want that, so just soak the filter and then I always run one jug worth of water through it first, dump it out and then start using that water from there on.

I also have a smaller filter jug that I bring with us on road trips.  As soon as we get into the hotel, I fill it up and we have drinking water instead of getting dinged from the mini bar or the vending machine.

But where ever you might use your filter jugs, it is important to keep them clean and maintained other wise you might as well just drink out of a puddle like your dog!

Water is such a precious and vital to life commodity.  We really want to treat it right!



A great little thing

Here is something I found that can make a Vegan’s ( or anyone really) life just a little easier!

I’m not sure what they are officially called…… a julienne peeler perhaps?

It is a little gadget that looks like a regular peeler, only when you look hard at it, you will see it has all these little teeth instead of the regular blade.

Then you run it along the raw vegetable of your choice and it produces wonderful match stick width , or “juliennes” of stuff.

And they are ready to add to your salad or other decorative dish!

SO much easier than trying to cut them all small and neatly the same……..cause I know that not everyone lives with a CHEF!!

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My new favorite toy

I just LOVE this thing!!

The Chef got it for me for Christmas and now I use it all the time!


I originally wanted it so I could make flat breads, Chapati and home made tortillas. I’d been making them in the regular skillet but sometimes it is too hard to get the lifter or spatula under them at that angle.  But this, with no real edge, makes it so easy!

But it also works just great for making pancakes, like kale pancakes, or otherwise!!


And then, what’s really great, it that when you are done, you can pile the pancakes on the griddle  and keep them warm in the oven, because it is all cast iron, no worries about melting any handles!!


And clean up is a snap, because we all know that we NEVER use soap on our cast iron products!!  Just give it a good scrub in hot water with a good stiff brush, dry it immediately and you are back in business!

My suggestion is you pick yourself up one of these.  You will be amazed at how handy it is!!


2012 in review

Wow, how exciting.

WordPress has compiled a nice little statistics chart about

What Have We Got Here”  and I am very pleased with the results!

And a bit THANK YOU to Jennifer, Sophie, Roxanne and Jacquie for being my top  commentors!  I really do appreciate you taking the time to do so.

Happy New Year Everyone!!  May 2013 be the best year EVER!!!

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 18,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 4 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

Here’s something you should know about!

Now, if you’ve been following me for any length of time, you’ll know that I am an advocate of healthy eating!

But I also realize that people have to live in this world and need to enjoy life too.  So it has always been my philosophy that if people are well informed and can make the best choices for them, at least 80% of the time.  Then you should do okay.

By the same token, I am a great champion of “real” food!  Even if it is “oohy gooy” sweet or high in fat, I still think that if you made it yourself and know EXACTLY what is in it, that it is better than the processed version!

But ALL that being said, sometimes, life presents realistic situations, where unless you have a charmed life where you can spend all of your time preparing every last morsel of your own food, you are going to HAVE to eat something that came from a package!

It is just a fact of life!

So I was very happy when the nice people NATURALLY SAVVY approached me to have a look at their new book:




And I think it couldn’t have been better timing what will Fall upon us and people getting back to their busy school and work lives where every now and again, packaged food is inevitable!

What they have done in this book is gone though an extensive list of “junk food” items and on one side listed the “undesirable product” with strong case evidence as to WHY you should NOT eat this particular item.  And then on the other side, listed a comparable product, i.e. a different brand of ice cream, with evidence as to WHY this one IS a much better choice!

But what’s really good is it is teaching you just WHAT you are looking for and how to recognize the “bad” ingredients from the “good”.

It is well organized and very easy to understand.  It has pictures of each product so you can recognize them when shopping and explains in easy terms the ingredient labels and shows the comparison between each product.

It is also chock full of explanations, definitions, tips and other helpful information, all in quick, easy to read format. 

And it is a great little size to put in your reusable shopping bag to bring along to the store as a great reference book while shopping!

And kids will love it because they will be able to play along in the grocery store!  “Buy THAT one Mommy not THIS one!”  Which might distract them from all the other activities they often get up to at the store!



Here are some of the things you should keep an eye out for and to try and avoid when making YOUR choices!!


For more information check out Naturally Savvy on FACEBOOK and TWITTER!



The Lazy Margarita

What with summer winding down and the reality of “back to school” or “back to work” or whatever you are back to, even if that means cold weather and short days, here’s a tip I thought up on vacation and tried when I got home.

I call it “The Lazy Margarita”.  Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing like the real thing, especially when the lime juice has been lovingly  hand squeezed by some sweet boy named Rico.  But when you are back to reality and grasping at the final straws of summer, this can do the trick.

I was sitting in a hotel room after a long day of exploring Portland and had a few cans of Santa Cruz brand, organic ginger ale.   I took the plastic cover off the plastic cup and filled it with the ice that I had gone what felt like three blocks to collect from the ice machine.  That was always my favorite part about being on vacation as a child, getting a Coke from the vending machine and drinking it with the free ice!  To this day I can’t drink a Coke ( not that I drink much Coke any more, but you know, once in a while) without it being severely watered down!

So as I drank my ginger ale from my plastic cup, all I could think about was how good this would probably taste with a shot of Tequila in it!

When I got home…….that’s exactly what I did!  And it was GREAT!!  And a perfectly respectable “Lazy Margarita”!

So fill the glass of your choice ( actual glass works fine too) with a lot of ice….even crushed iced, if you are more ambitious.  Pour in a shot of Tequila and then pour the ginger ale over it.   Let it sit just a little till the ice melts a bit.  Keep adding a bit more of any of the ingredients as you drink until you get the exact tastiest balance!

By By sweet Summer!!

The Lazy Margarita: Santa Cruz Organic Ginger Ale and Tequila

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