Good things to eat

It occurred to me while I was lying with my mouth open at the dentist today…….

Maybe we live longer now because we can go to the dentist?

Because if we didn’t go to the dentist and our teeth hurt or fell out we probably wouldn’t eat the same.

And so now, with the enjoyment of our teeth, we can eat better, getting better nutrition and therefore,


Just a thought.

Smiling teeth

Comments on: "Does going to the dentist make you live longer?" (5)

  1. Gotta chime in on that one! We take better care of our teeth (preventive care vs emergency treatment) and the health benefits pile up. Poor dental health and the associated inflammation and oral bacteria is implicated in heart disease, premature birth, low birth weight, complicates diabetes, etc, etc…. Your hygienist would agree!

    • I am with you on this one! The mouth is the gate keeper and protects us from all sorts! So it is important for us to do what we can to help! Thanks the great comment!

  2. Linda Duguay said:

    I am writing this from Florida Lorrie and Gary and I both had a dentist visit before leaving Canada, so we are on board.

  3. hahaha…I love your comment she’s hanging out with lots of people who keep their teeth in a jar…there are quite a few in Florida!

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