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The “Point” revisited

Our previous visit to Point No Point Resort was the topic of one of my posts when the blog was still in very early days.



So for sentimental reasons I felt it made sense to tell you about this visit too.

Click here to see my original visit

The restaurant at Point No Point is a popular “Sunday Drive” type location for lunch and is always full.  But the Chef and I found ourselves both with a Wednesday afternoon off and a beautiful day, so we thought why not take a drive out and grab some lunch!

Boy were we surprised to find at 2:30 in the afternoon on a nondescript Wednesday in September that the parking lot would be full!  So much so that we had to park precariously by the side of the road.

It is about an hours drive to downtown Victoria and a good forty-five minutes to other restaurants and we were starving by the time we arrived, so turning back didn’t really seem an option.  And then they told us it would be a twenty-minute wait!   What on earth??

But luckily it didn’t seem to take all that long to get seated.   Another great table, right by the window, looking out to the Juan de Fuca Straight, the Olympic Mountains and the open Pacific Ocean off to the West.



There is a fairly limited menu for lunch but that’s fine because then you don’t spend too much time tormenting over what to get.

Today we made it simple and ordered two of everything!

We started with the soup of the day.  A wonderfully delicious, velvety, curried chicken soup topped with toasted shaved almonds.  Served with fresh-baked bread and butter.





Then we both had the Croque Monsieur
grilled emmental and ham with caramelized onions on shredded wheat molasses bread with a side of grainy dijon aioli, served with fresh garden salad.





It was a perfectly satisfying and comforting lunch.

Along with the spectacular view, it was the perfect way to spend an afternoon!



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  1. Linda Duguay said:

    Yummy, both food and view.

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