Good things to eat

We had the pleasure of dinner at a friend’s last night where she served us Bacalao which she described as a Brazilian dish.

It was a tasty  casserole consisting of alternating layers of salt cod, thinly sliced potato and onion, sort of like fish scalloped potato.  Baked until cooked and then topped with sliced hard-boiled egg and olives.

It was delicious and comforting.

The trouble is, I was pretty sure I myself had made a dish that went by the name Bacalao but was NOTHING like this dish.

I looked back through my old blogs and sure enough I found my version of what I believed to be the dish which is definitely more of a soup style offering and what I believed to be a Portuguese dish.

[Click here to see my version]

So then thoroughly confused I of course went to the internet for some clarification and found many pictures of Bacalao but only to find that there are pictures of what could only be described as BOTH of our versions and many more!

So please, tell me what YOU know about this dish?  Do you have a different version?

Which ever version you do happen to make, with summer’s end rapidly approaching, you might want to think about bringing it back into rotation.



Comments on: "Bacalao – soup, stew or casserole?" (2)

  1. movita beaucoup said:

    I know nothing. Zip. Nada.

    I DO know that I want to eat it.

    Does that help?

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