Good things to eat

PB & Js

Any body who knows me, knows I am a fiend for peanut butter!

So when I heard about THIS place, I had no choice but to visit!!

We were watching a new episode of “Eat Street” on the Food Network, the show about food trucks ( and stands),

all over the land and we saw the one about PB & Js or ( peanut butter and jam ( or jelly) in Portland Oregon.

Nestled in the Nob Hill neighbourhood on the fashionable NW 23rd Street, is this unassuming little “stand” that sells these wonderful grilled peanut butter sandwiches with crazy and delicious fillings!

I marched up to the counter and said “I’ve come all the way from Canada for one of your sandwiches!”   They were thrilled to hear it!

I ordered the “Oregonian” which consisted of marion berry jam, Rogue Creamery Blue Cheese and Hazelnut butter.  While the Chef ordered the “Hot Hood” which was filled with Black Cherry Jam, roasted jalapeno, applewood bacon and peanut butter.

Then we ended up trading each other a half because we were worried the other person’s might be better!

Both were dee-lish although I may have liked the Chefs just a little better than mine.

California 2013 PII086

California 2013 PII087*****************************************************************************************************************

But when I got home I couldn’t stop thinking about the ones I didn’t get to try!  In particular the “spicy Thai” which is peanut butter, sriracha, fresh basil, curry and orange marmalade.

I thought about it so much that I decided I best just try and make one myself!

I mixed up all the ingredients together first ( except the fresh basil) and spread it on the bread, then added chiffonads of fresh basil.   Squeezed the sandwich together, slathered on some butter and on to the grill it went.


Ironically I had just picked up some nice Sriracha sauce on the obligatory stop at Trader Joes.


I did and it was SO delicious, I ate two of them!!   But don’t worry PB & Js, I won’t be selling them off my patio any time soon!



Comments on: "PB & Js" (7)

  1. A must try. Seems everybody eats peanut butter sandwiches, make your own berry spread and add a favorite flavour and that just make them gourmet.

  2. Wow…that looks so yummy…!!! I wonder if the kids would eat them if I take them into a new realm of pb&j’s???

  3. And I so want that flat round griddle pan!!!

  4. Funny, I saw that show too, and about 2 weeks ago, I made a plain grilled PB to try it out. It was surprisingly good and I’m ready to start adding things to it.

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