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I’m sure I’ve told this story before.

About the time just after I was in nutrition school and found myself visiting family in California and begged my cousin to take a little detour as we headed out to the coast? I wanted so badly to visit Earthbound Farms and had checked the website, but alas, had a very wrong address and ended up at the processing plant and was chased off the property by security!!

I did write them an email and they were very apologetic ( without calling me a dumb ass directly) and invited me to come and visit the REAL Earthbound Farms where the public goes!!

Nestled in the Carmel Valley is a delightful little place.

There is a cafe and a farm stand and then wonderful gardens all around it, that you can explore.

They also do all sorts of talks and seminars right there on the grounds. (see schedule on their website for details)

If you find yourself in Carmel, it is worth the stop and especially cool for kids because there are all sorts of things to see and learn!



Specialty Greens Chart




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Comments on: "My visit to Earthbound Farms" (3)

  1. Nice artichokes !!!

  2. […] our recent visit to Earthbound Farms and seeing all the beautiful artichokes they had growing there, I thought that THIS might be the […]

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