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At the Market

One of my favorite things about visiting California is getting to go to the markets.

The Saturday Market in Merced, California is SO much more than just a farmer’s market.  Because not only do they have wonderful produce of every kind, but quite honestly pretty much anything you can think of that you might need!

Clothing, housewares, car parts, budgies birds, hair products, I could go on and on, the selection is endless!

But of course my favorite part is all the incredible food.

We love to just go from stand to stand and ask what things are.  I mean I KNOW they are a vegetable or fruit of some kind, but as someone as well-educated in produce as myself, or even the Chef for that matter, they always manage to stump us!

So once we figure out what “family” the thing is from, we are always sure to ask the vendor what THEY like to do with it!  And then we like to take some home and see what we can do with it.

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Comments on: "At the Market" (2)

  1. I like farmers markets with an abundant variety of food…this one looks so fresh and reminds me of the markets in India, where vendors come in from their villages to sell produce:) It’s farm to table at its best!

    • Absolutely! And this one is right in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, known as the “bread basket of America” because such a large amount of the food is grown there. So the selection is really mind blowing!

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