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Vegan on the Road

Shortly after I had finished the “Vegan Challenge” the Chef and I set out on a road trip to visit family in California.

By no means had I jumped back on the carnivore wagon, I had been easing into things like cow milk, cheese and eggs but had not yet partaken of the flesh.

Regrettably, I must report, that for the average person, on an average road trip, eating completely Vegan is very hard, if not impossible.  And when I say impossible, I mean happily and healthily.  Because like I’ve said before, sure, French fried ARE Vegan!

I’m sure if you plotted your course very carefully and spent weeks before researching the menus of every possible eatery along your route then you might have a little more luck.

For the most part, you are faced with the tantalizing choice of some sort of cheese and vegetable sandwich, a salad with some sort of cheese, or plain salad with NO dressing because even if the bottled stuff doesn’t happen to have dairy in it……chances are…..there is a bunch of other stuff you DON’T want in it!

It was a daunting undertaking.

But like in the challenge itself, I was just trying to do this to see if it was possible and not cause anyone was forcing me to do so.  I got by on my cheese and vegetable sandwiches for awhile until one lunch time when we found ourselves starving by an exit off the I-5 in Oregon.  We got some gas and had a quick scan of the strip malls, but nothing was jumping out, until the Chef spied Rock N Rogers, an old style burger joint with a pink Cadillac on top of it!

california 2013 part i014

california 2013 part i015

The Chef pleaded with me, he had been very patient all through the Vegan Challenge, but the boy does LOVE his burgers.   So I agreed to go, there must be something I could eat…..even if it was a grilled cheese sandwich.

Well, there wasn’t.   It was a full on burger joint.  But what’s worse, is that normally it would be the kind of place I would love too.   So it made me feel like a loser.  Being on vacation, at a place that looked like it had great, fresh made, big wonderful burgers.

So this is where the big philosophical dilemma/debate comes in that is a big deal with any chosen style of eating.   Where to draw the line between health and enjoyment of life?  And isn’t enjoying your life a big part of good health?   Very hard indeed.

I ended up starting with a HUGE, even though it was only advertised as a regular “side salad” so I got lots of fresh veggies and then I opted for the turkey burger……with mustard on it instead of cheese and special sauce.

Eating the turkey felt really weird.  I mean I know it was all in my head, but I hadn’t had any flesh in about six weeks by this time, so it felt very forbidden and dangerous.   But I got through it and it was all very tasty.   It probably wasn’t as flavourful as the Chef’s double decker bacon cheese burger, but it still did the trick and I didn’t die.


Our second night in California we were invited over to friends for a Bar B Q.  They were grilling up TWO  different kinds of specialty pork ribs, one with a dry rub and one in a wonderful bourbon sauce.   I believe that this was now considered one of those occasions where my declaration of being a “FLEXITARIAN” would be deemed appropriate.  Because it is all very noble to stick to your convictions and your principles ( if in fact that is what you actually believe) but you also don’t want to be “that girl” who makes a big deal at friendly gatherings.

It really is all quite a difficult balance and I applaud those of you who manage to get away with it, without being annoying!

Any tips on this delicate maneuver would be greatly appreciated!




Comments on: "Vegan on the Road" (4)

  1. Roxanne said:

    Rockin Rogers looks like a great place!

  2. This was a fun post to read. Yes, it’s true that burger joints are tempting. Especially when there’s a pink cadillac to entice you. When I eat this way (once or twice a year) I feel like I have a food hangover the next day.

    • It’s so true. You never realize just how horrible you feel all the time till you eat clean for awhile and start to feel great, but then if you try to go back to your old ways you really see how bad it was!

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