Good things to eat

As promised, I didn’t run out and eat a steak!

Nor was I particularly interesting in one.

But I’ll admit that I did indulge in some animal product.

It was the Chef’s and I’s anniversary so we went out to celebrate with my favorite meal of the day!  Breakfast!

We went to a local swank hotel who’s restaurant windows look out over the ocean and the beautiful Olympic mountains.

Firstly, I had a wonderful cup of coffee with real cream, no soy lattes here!

2 years001

2 years002

Then I ordered the smoked salmon “bennies” , with free range organic eggs and beautiful West coast salmon, which were of course delicious!

2 years004

The waitress asked the mandatory “Are you enjoying your breakfast?”

“More than you’ll ever know………” I replied which probably sounded just a little creepy, but it was an intense experience.

So how did I feel afterwards?

2 years003

Well to be honest, I felt a little woozy.

Was it because of the three cups of coffee?

Or my body freaking out from the super rich meal?

A little bit of guilt?  A little bit of fear?

But the overwhelming conclusion was that I have changed my attitude and that meals like this can be enjoyed as a treat and should not be taken for granted


Comments on: "First meal off the wagon" (1)

  1. roxanne said:

    yum! looks great! i want to dig into that bowl of potatoes!!!
    and yeah, it might have been the three cups of coffee…hahahaha!

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