Good things to eat

Well, as of yesterday, I have completed fourteen days without animal product.


I’ll admit I’ve been a bit miserable without my cuppa “real tea”.   I’ve been trying to make do with substitute items, but nothing compares.

People…..I won’t say who……have tried to alleviate my misery by encouraging me to just cheat a little on this, or cheat a little on that…..trying to convince me that it won’t hurt.

But that’s not the point.

I could very well have anything I want at anytime……I’m a grown person with a will of my own.

I’m not doing this as a punishment or even a “diet” or out to prove something…..

I simply want to see if it makes me feel better.  And I can’t very well know unless I actually DO it!!

It was like when I was in nutrition school and learned that peanuts have a substance in them that is a low-grade allergen to many people.

And anyone who knows me well……knows that I LOVE peanut butter.  But I gave it up for one FULL year…..just to see if it actually made a difference in my health.   I was happy to report, that it didn’t make one LICK of difference and I have never forsaken it since!!

I DO feel like I have been sleeping better, but that could just be from the lack of caffeine!!

And my blood pressure has dropped considerably compared to when I started.


Don’t know.

As for the Chef?  Well, he’s doing the best he can with it.   We eat Vegan at home and then he eats whatever he needs to eat when he is at work.

Last night he made me a wonderful “Cheffy” Vegan meal.

Grilled Vegetables and brown rice  with Panang Curry sauce.

With dishes like this, who needs meat??

Vegan III027


Vegan III033


Comments on: "Vegan Challenge – Week 2" (9)

  1. Wow! Those dinners look amazing. You’re doing really well and as you say who needs meat with food like that.

    Here’s a tip that I recommend for when you’re missing the creaminess. Use coconut oil, raw virgin coconut oil is the best but you can use the cheaper KTC coconut oil too. This IS NOT hydrogenated so fine healthwise. I use it in my porridge and it makes it so creamy, lovely with some fruit added.

    Good luck, but I don’t Think you need it 🙂

  2. Roxanne said:

    Now is the time for the double no cream coffee…haha ha!

  3. Roxanne said:

    Interesting about your bp though…

  4. I’m just starting a month without coffee (but not caffeine, thankfully), corn, soy, dairy, sesame and a bunch of other stuff, so I can empathise! But that recipe looks delish…. 🙂

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