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My new favorite toy

I just LOVE this thing!!

The Chef got it for me for Christmas and now I use it all the time!


I originally wanted it so I could make flat breads, Chapati and home made tortillas. I’d been making them in the regular skillet but sometimes it is too hard to get the lifter or spatula under them at that angle.  But this, with no real edge, makes it so easy!

But it also works just great for making pancakes, like kale pancakes, or otherwise!!


And then, what’s really great, it that when you are done, you can pile the pancakes on the griddle  and keep them warm in the oven, because it is all cast iron, no worries about melting any handles!!


And clean up is a snap, because we all know that we NEVER use soap on our cast iron products!!  Just give it a good scrub in hot water with a good stiff brush, dry it immediately and you are back in business!

My suggestion is you pick yourself up one of these.  You will be amazed at how handy it is!!



Comments on: "My new favorite toy" (9)

  1. Kale Pancakes, really are better then they sound.

  2. A very useful & great expensive gift! yeah!

  3. It’s beautiful! I have an old-fashioned cast-iron. crumpet pan from the UK that I can’t live without.

  4. i want one of those!!
    i want to go back to cast iron, but i have an electric glass-top stove! and am afraid it’ll get scratched…does anyone know if you can use cast iron on those types of stoves?

  5. I love love cast iron. and have just made the complete switch. thrown out all my non stick cookware!!

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