Good things to eat

Now I love nice traditional little butter, little salt popcorn as much as the next person but sometimes it is really nice to just take it up a notch!!

Here’s one of my favorite things to do.   In a small sauce pan add:

  • a good knob of real butter
  • 1 tbsp smokie paprika
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar
  • a few dashes of Chipolte Tabasco Sauce
  • 1 tsp salt

Melt that stuff down into the butter till it is all completely liquid.

Meanwhile use your favorite method of making fresh popped popcorn.  I just LOVE my whirly pop popcorn popper!!

Dump the popcorn in a bowl and then immediately pour over the melted butter mixture and then toss like a salad, as fast as you can and try to get as much corn coated as you can.

Serve immediately!



Comments on: "Add some “zing” to your popcorn" (4)

  1. Lorrie!!!!!!loveee spiked popcorn. Have to try your paprika recipe…

  2. Jacqueline Dinsmore said:

    OMG, now you’ve got me craving popcorn. There’s none in the pantry and it’s 1:00 AM. What am I going to do???

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