Good things to eat

Here’s an oldie but a goodie! Just thought I might share this one with you again and for those of you who missed it last time.

what have we got here?

I’m allergic to shellfish.   I wasn’t always, I used to love the little crustacean!

It started gradually.  I spent years enjoying shrimp and lobster, although I have to admit I was never really very keen on the crab.

Back in the day, we used to have a standing order, every Thursday night, I’d call ahead from work and we’d swing by and pick it up to go.  General Tso’s chicken and Singapore Noodles, every week.  But gradually after eating the noodles that were loaded with shrimp I would start to feel weird.  Racing heart, dizzy and my tongue would feel swollen, but I always blamed it on MSG.  So we started insisting on no MSG in our order.

Gradually I noticed it happened at other restaurants and with other shellfish dishes and the reactions became worse and worse, so I went and got tested for allergies and low and behold, much to…

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