Good things to eat

Tis the season to feel pretty……..bad.

Even if you have managed to stave off catching the flu this holiday season, you are still probably feeling a little out of sorts.

Too much stress, not enough rest and of course WAY too much eating!

The biggest problem with the holiday food, other than the fact that we eat too much of it, is that we tend to eat too many different things at once.

The party snacks, the buffets the endless nibbling and grazing, interspersed with random treats……..

It does NOT do a body good.

There are a lot of things that just don’t get a long well together in your stomach.

Some of you are aware of  food combining” for optimal digestion?


Well this goes even beyond that.

Holiday food frenzy does a lot of damage.

Not just for the obvious reasons of gaining weight, raising blood sugar or cholesterol, but mostly because it just wears the body out.

Your digestive system has to work SO hard to process that stuff that is can suck all other life out of you.

That’s why you get so tired and usually end up sick, because the body has to send the entire work force in to deal with cleaning up this mess that it can’t do its regular work.

Kind of like all these big snow storms happening right now!

So there will be some brave souls that come January 2nd will be doing cleanses or fasts or joining gyms or whatever else you think will help, but what you really need to do is  get on top of this now.

Sure the obvious remedy would be to stop eating so much but we all know the road to hell is paved with good intention!

My sincere suggestion to you is to get to a health food store, or even reputable grocery store and pick yourself up a bottle of probiotics!

Probiotics are the “good” bacteria that live in your gut.

So think of them as the snow removal team with their plows and salt trucks to melt away the clogs!!

Rule of thumb for purchasing a probiotic is to get the most bacteria for your money!!

As in if you are prepared to spend $ 15 -20 dollars on a bottle, then carefully read the ingredient list and make sure you are getting the highest number of different bacteria ( a full spectrum is most effective) and the highest number of actual bacteria ( usually in the millions) per bottle for your money.

Personally I take two capsules with every meal, but if you aren’t used to them, start slow and take two capsules a day and then add more as you see how you react.

It’s true, that at first they might make you a bit “gasy” but that is because there is a war of good and evil going on in there.  And then you will find you are having increased trips to the bathroom………but THAT after all ……IS the goal.

You really want to get things moving, because the longer you are bunged up the worse you will feel.  All that excess clogging up the works will start to become toxic and release that into your system which will in turn over work your immune system.

And then no body wins!!

So do yourself a favour and get some probiotics down your throat.  Your tummy will thank you!!

picture by:  Alivepixel

picture by: Alivepixel


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