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You can do WHAT with Eggnog?

To me, Eggnog is one of those things like Christmas Fruit cake.

It is kind of hit or miss as to who actually likes it, or admits to liking it.

But inevitably someone always brings some along and there you are with a jug of it in the fridge with one glass worth missing.

And if you are like me and the guilt of the “poor staving children” tape is playing in your head, you have a hard time pouring it down the sink.  Even when you know very well that no one in your house will be drinking it.

To be honest, MY biggest problem with Eggnog?   Well, it that the literal translation from French is “Chicken Milk”.  I don’t know about you, but that just puts me off somehow.


So, what ELSE can you do with Eggnog?

Well this year I seemed to acquire “that” jug of it early this year.   So I decided to incorporate it into my baking and made some lovely mini cranberry and eggnog muffins for my holiday treats.

But what I was really impressed with was my Eggnog French Toast!

It really adds a whole new depth of flavour and makes the toast really light because it doesn’t seem to soak into the bread as readily and slog it down.

Basically take your favorite French Toast recipe and replace the milk, cream etc with eggnog!  Simple as that!





I was very pleasantly surprised.

For the most part, you can replace eggnog in any recipe that calls for milk.

But let’s face it, this will make any recipe very rich.

So I would keep it to special occasions.



Luckily you can only get “chicken milk” a few months of the year!!

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Comments on: "You can do WHAT with Eggnog?" (6)

  1. Its always a joy to read your posts! And I never thought of cooking with eggnog! I’m always the person who buys it (to have in my house) because I think I like it…I want to like it. But end up throwing it away two months later 🙂 this time I’ll have to try the French toast!

    • Oh thank you, that is so sweet to say! Yes I too am the person with a jug of it in the fridge too long and that is even AFTER trying to do other things with it!!

  2. Btw, like the slideshow!

  3. Jacqueline Dinsmore said:

    Like the slideshow! Do you think you could use egg nog in an icecream maker without adding anything else??

    • Thanks, it’s a new trick I learned! As for nog ice cream. By all accounts, the answer would be no to just tossing it in the machine. But my motto is always “give it a try and see what happens” ! It needs something else to bind it. But on a quick search, there was someone who just added extra milk and cream and it seemed to work……while others are adding egg yokes etc like making real ice cream…..with eggnog in it. Let me know how you make out with it.

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