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The Gift Everyone Loves

I know that it might seem a bit cliche but the best gifts really do come from the heart!

They don’t have to cost a lot.

So making someone some holiday treats made with love, in my books is always a winner!

This year I was going to be seeing a number of people so I made a bunch of big batches of a bunch of stuff and then personalized a tin or a basket for each person.

I even made a big batch of  mini Energy Balls because no one really had to know that they were actually healthy and that the only sweetness in them was from dates!

I made a big batch of chocolate chip cookies ( any favorite recipe will do ) but added some orange zest and a teaspoon or two of fresh orange juice to jazz em up a little.



I made sweet and spicy nuts which are also teetering on healthy.



Then there was the peanut and chocolate “bark”.



And finally the cranberry and egg nog mini muffins!


But that’s just what I did.  Any combo of little treats stuffed in a decorative container will bring happiness to those who receive them!


Happy Holidays!!


Comments on: "The Gift Everyone Loves" (2)

  1. Yum Yum I will testify that these treats were soooooo delicious! Thanks again 🙂

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