Good things to eat

One of the best things about the blogging world is all the lovely people who you meet, even if only in the virtual world,  and all the things that they share with you!

So here is a wonderfully warming meal that is made up of dishes I got from other people!



So let’s start with the Masoor Daal because that is the one that takes the longest to make.

This recipe comes to us from my friend at Peri’s Spice Ladle, a delightful blog of exotic dishes.

I followed this recipe exactly except for one thing, I didn’t add the Bay leaf, because I didn’t have any.  And as a friend of mine likes to say “I’ve never met anyone who while commenting on a dish, say ‘this would be good, it only it had a little more Bay!'”  So if you don’t have any, let me assure you, it is just as delightful without!

And I made the crock pot version so the aromas could permeate the house all afternoon!  Splendid!


Next on the list is Chapati bread.

This one comes from my friend at Soul of Spice, whose blog is filled with warming and comforting creations!

I unfortunately didn’t have quite as much luck with this one, but through no fault of the instructions!

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been trying to live a gluten-free lifestyle so I took it upon myself to try and make the Chapati with chick pea flour instead.

In theory, it probably should have worked, but I think I had my ratios off and they were terribly sticky to work with and I ended up probably using 3 times the flour called for.

They actually had good flavour, but they were a little hard…..and heavy.

But I definitely vow to try them again!



And then to round off the meal, I made a batch of my own Roasted Cauliflower which always adds a little comfort to anything you have it with!

Add to all this, a little steamed brown rice and a little tahini yogurt sauce and you have yourself a VERY comforting and satisfying meal!

Comments on: "A little help from my friends" (5)

  1. Wow! You have done an amazing job with the lentils, chickpeas chapati and the roasted cauliflower, which is always delicious and I definitely plan to try out this recipe:)

    Thanks for trying the Masoor…and I couldn’t help laughing on the bay leaf comment!! Its funny:)

    • It was just wonderful. Thank you again for the recipe! And yes I love that line, because seriously, I don’t even know what “Bay” tastes like! So I don’t think I would ever miss it.

  2. great post! such a complete meal with vegs, lentils, rice & chapati.. So sorry I haven’t posted the chickpea flour flatbread recipe yet.. awesome creativity taking the regular recipe & I love the pix of all the golf ball sized flour balls lined up neatly in a row 🙂

  3. […] here whose Friday Wisdom nuggets are absolutely inspirational. She even went on to make an awesome chickpea chapati on her quest for gluten free […]

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