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Earthbound Pumpkins

I’ve always been a big fan of Earthbound Farms.

When I first graduated from Nutrition School, I often fantasized about working there.

On their website they often spoke of their “Farm Store” so while visiting my California relatives one year we were going on a day trip to the coast and so I talked them in to going to the Earthbound Farms.

Trouble is, I didn’t have the right address and we ended up at their processing plant that is pretty much in the middle of no where.  Which really seemed strange because, on line, the “Farm Store” really looked like somewhere a lot of people would go.

We pull up to the gate of what looks like some sort of military installation, but sure enough, there is a big beautiful sign  stating that it is in fact Earthbound Farms.  But there was NO sign of any farm store or anything that could even be mistaken as one.

But we’d come all this way, so the least I could do was get my picture taken at the sign.

I was barely out of the car when suddenly security came running out from the gate house and ran us off the property!!

Luckily I managed to get a quick picture before we jumped in the car and sped off!

Earthbound Farms

When I got home to Canada I got on their website and gave them a piece of my mind!   How I had come all that way and was a big fan yada yada yada and how we were so rudely chased away!

I received a very nice email back from the nice director of marketing lady apologizing for the rude treatment but explaining that we were at the damn processing plant and not the lovely farm and farm store in the Carmel Valley.  And how next time I was coming down to please let her know and they would be happy to give me a full tour!!

So the next year I was visiting again and so this time a friend and I actually made it to the right place!   And it was in fact lovely.

The REAL Earthbound Farm

And just in time for pumpkin season!!!


Comments on: "Earthbound Pumpkins" (6)

  1. what a fun thing to happen.

  2. btw can you cook with halloween pumpkins.. I almost bought a huge one from the grocery store yesterday after the store clerks convinced me all pumpkins are alike & farmers grow them to be eaten. Luckily one girl stopped me & said her mom bought smaller cooking ones.. what do you think?

    • I have used Halloween pumpkin for cooking….but I have only used smaller ones. Not because I was frightened of the bigger ones being hard to cook….but more because I was just cooking a pie and one little pumpkin was enough. I dont’ think it’s like corn where there is people corn and cow corn.

  3. In south Florida, they have their pumpkins ”trucked in”. craziest thing. The schools & churches have ” pumpkin patches” and sell their pumpkins they get… All kinds of announcements about the day ”Pumpkins Arrive!”

  4. How cool! We only get over here about 3 or 4 sorts of pumpkins:(
    Cool pics too!

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