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The Lazy Margarita

What with summer winding down and the reality of “back to school” or “back to work” or whatever you are back to, even if that means cold weather and short days, here’s a tip I thought up on vacation and tried when I got home.

I call it “The Lazy Margarita”.  Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing like the real thing, especially when the lime juice has been lovingly  hand squeezed by some sweet boy named Rico.  But when you are back to reality and grasping at the final straws of summer, this can do the trick.

I was sitting in a hotel room after a long day of exploring Portland and had a few cans of Santa Cruz brand, organic ginger ale.   I took the plastic cover off the plastic cup and filled it with the ice that I had gone what felt like three blocks to collect from the ice machine.  That was always my favorite part about being on vacation as a child, getting a Coke from the vending machine and drinking it with the free ice!  To this day I can’t drink a Coke ( not that I drink much Coke any more, but you know, once in a while) without it being severely watered down!

So as I drank my ginger ale from my plastic cup, all I could think about was how good this would probably taste with a shot of Tequila in it!

When I got home…….that’s exactly what I did!  And it was GREAT!!  And a perfectly respectable “Lazy Margarita”!

So fill the glass of your choice ( actual glass works fine too) with a lot of ice….even crushed iced, if you are more ambitious.  Pour in a shot of Tequila and then pour the ginger ale over it.   Let it sit just a little till the ice melts a bit.  Keep adding a bit more of any of the ingredients as you drink until you get the exact tastiest balance!

By By sweet Summer!!

The Lazy Margarita: Santa Cruz Organic Ginger Ale and Tequila


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