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Portland Food Trucks

The Chef and I are big fans of a program on the Food Network called EAT STREET.

Basically they go all over the place and feature and sample food sold out of a truck, cart or other “street food” type vendors.

They have featured a few from here in Victoria, but to be honest we don’t have that many. 

You can even get an “app” for your smart phone, so that when you are in any given city you can check on the food truck situation where ever you are!

We have seen SO many Portland places featured on the show, that we simply HAD to go and check some out!

Little did we KNOW that in Portland they have food truck VILLAGES!

At this one particular spot, the food trucks take up an entire city block!!

It is really quite overwhelming.  Like being a kid in a candy store where you want some of everything and can’t choose.

We must have walked around the entire block three times before we decided that we better smarten up and make a decision of some sort!

They really do a crazy lunch business.  And there is every kind of person there standing in line.   Business people on their lunch hour, tourist and people just enjoying summer.

In fact, much to my surprise, I just happened to spy The Food Network’s celebrity Chef Roger Mooking as he stood in line waiting for his lunch!

I stopped to say hello.  What with us both being from Canada and all that, it was the polite thing to do!

Seems he was there, just like us, on vacation, checking out the food trucks!  We discussed the whole phenomenon of food trucks and commiserated about how Toronto really hasn’t got on that band wagon ( or food wagon as it were) just yet!

His order was up, so we went on about our business of trying to decide what to get!

But I have to tell you….I saw him a couple more lines for different trucks before the lunch hour was over!!

And just for the record…..he was lovely.  But I didn’t want to embarrass him by asking to get a picture taken with him…..although I’m sure he probably wouldn’t have minded!

If you look closely at the top of the photo, beside the guy in the white shirt, there is a fella in a red T-shirt waiting in line? That is the Food Network’s Celebrity Chef Roger Mooking!

Finally we couldn’t take it anymore and had to decide on SOMETHING!   So our first stop was here at a Cuban place. 

For years my friend Roxanne, who spends a lot of time in Florida, has been on and on about Cuban Sandwiches but I’ve never had one before.   This seemed like as good a time as any to try one.

The Chef and I split it……so we would have room to try other things.

Cuban Sandwich

I’ll admit it was quite tasty, but with ALL that selection, not sure if it was the BEST choice?

After eating just that I was already pretty full, but we decided to get some fries to wash it down with.

They came with a choice of two dipping sauces.

We chose the “Bacon Mayo” and the “Curry Ketchup”

The curry ketchup was great, tasted like Butter Chicken sauce.  But I was disappointed with the bacon mayo.  I envisioned mayo with little bits of crispy bacon, when instead it tasted more like mayo with straight bacon drippings in it.  Just a bit too much…..IF you know what I mean.

After our fries we were already too full to even contemplate anything else.

It felt a little like being in a video arcade and spending all your money on the first game you played!

Oh well, it was a good introduction.

The one downside to the food truck deal……which city officials must hate…….is this!

But, much to my surprise, within an hour from seeing this, it had all been cleared away.   But you’d think if it happens EVERY DAY that they would try and work out of better system…?

Oh well.

But seriously, if you are ever in Portland, you need to check this out!  Even the most delicate or particular of eaters are sure to find SOMETHING here!!


Comments on: "Portland Food Trucks" (8)

  1. I just recently had lunch from one of the gazillion trucks in Portland. OMG is all I have to say. I want to try each and every one of them!!

  2. So those trucks are permanently there? they don’t travel? But yes, food trucks are big here in south Florida.
    And how surprised was I to see my name! Sorry about the Cuban sandwich … I understand about shoulda picked something more unique. But a good Cuban sandwich hits the spot sometimes!

    • No…it was a great Cuban sandwich….I think….cause I don’t know any better…’s just that there was SO much selection we felt bad at finishing up with only one sandwich!! And yes, they are peranently there….in little villages….that particular one took up and entire city block!!

  3. MMMM,…that cuban sandwich looked really tasty & thanks for giving us your review on this lovely market! 🙂

  4. How delicious – I think I need to go to Portland!

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