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Shaved Salad

This one is just so beautiful that you might find it hard to eat regular salad after this!

Shaved salad

All you need is a decent mandolin slicer.

I have several of them and to be honest, most of them are crap,  or are good at one thing and not another. However, this particular semi professional kind, that I admit I bought at one of those fancy stores that I don’t usually buy stuff in, really does do the trick!   It cuts really really thin.  Which means it is really really sharp.  So BE CAREFUL!!

mandolin slicer

In this particular salad I shaved together:

  • radish
  • cucumber
  • fennel

I find it helps if you alternate the vegetables while you are slicing because they are so thin that is makes them hard to toss.

Once everything is sliced you can dress it ever so lightly.

All I used was a quick splash of plain old white vinegar and a spoonful of honey!   And a little salt and pepper and away you go!

But it would also be lovely with lemon juice instead.  Or better yet, finely shaved slices of well washed lemon! 

Now we’re talkin!!

Shaved salad


Comments on: "Shaved Salad" (6)

  1. Shaved salads are so pretty! And for some reason, they TASTE better… must be the magic mandolin…

  2. Indeed, I also agree! A shaved salad is someting different yet very tasty too! 🙂

  3. Lovely and very professional looking salad. I wondered about the right mandolin to buy..appreciate any recommendations….

  4. Oh thank you. I have to admit that I have not had a lot of luck with mandolins and have several, but the one in the picture works quite well. And a lot of the professional kitchens seem to use these. I’ve even seen them in their tool kits on “Top Chef”. Not sure if this link will work:
    You can usually find these in the fancy kitchen stores, or better, and cheaper in the local China town.

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