Good things to eat

Well the summer is progressing along and things on the balcony garden are still growing.

But the weather this year has been so weird that I’m not sure how things will turn out.


The potato plant is still growing like gang busters.  I’m not sure when I am supposed to harvest that.   I had trouble last year and so they never got to fruition.

Potato plant


The arugula is looking fantastic and we hope to eat some of that this weekend!



Bit of trouble with the cabbage.  Seems that some sort of florescent green little worms have been eating their fill of it.  I caught them in the act munching little holes all over, so I “removed” them.   I will have to keep an eye on them.

red cabbage


The beets are doing great, but again, don’t know when they will be “ready” to pick?






No tomatoes on the plant

The tomatoes continue to disappoint.  I can’t believe after growing them from seed starting in like January….and coddling them in the living room window all winter and giving them painstaking care…..that there is still as yet not even ONE tomato growing anywhere on the plants!   Sad, very sad.


And then the Chard is FINALLY doing very well after a challenging start!


Swiss Chard




And last but not least, I have a very pleasing batch of lettuce going.   But as usual, I had to move it inside because the BIRDS love lettuce and will keep eating it until they fall over!  Maybe that’s the answer!



Happy Gardening!



Comments on: "Growing stuff – July 20" (7)

  1. Jacqueline Dinsmore said:

    Re: harvesting (potatoes, beets, carrots, celery) You usually have to thin out plants and pull out the stragglers early in the season so that some of the plants can grow big and strong. And you can use the thinned plants you pull. That’s how we get fingerling potatoes and baby beets and carrotts – they’ve been pulled early to give space to the others. Why not pull some potatoes now and have some lovely sweet baby potaotes?

    Lettuce, herbs and other leafy stuff: These thrive on being picked and you should be picking them regularly. The more you pick the leaves, the more will grow. If you don’t pick greens quickly enough, they will turn woody and be inedible. My farmer grows bunches of greens a couple weeks apart, so there will always be some to pick and then re-grow while he moves on to the next bunch.

    Tomatoes: I notice you do have some flowers on your plants – the flowers will turn into fruit. The flowers might need to be pollinized, or the plant may need some food. It takes a lot of energy to produce fruit, which is why tomatoes take lots of sun, and it helps to fertilize (organic only, of course) with something that will enhance fruit production.

    • Thanks so much for all of your great advice!

      The tomatoes do have a lot of flowers and I do have bees who visit often and I have given them SO much TLC that I was really hoping they would have a little something by now….guess I will have tomatoes in October!

      You are right about the leafy items, you need to eat them as soon as possible because they do get weird fast and go to seed!

      As for the potatoes…..I only have the ONE plant….but it is huge…..I fear if I dig it up now….that will be it and I will have to live with whatever it under there! But I will take your advice with the beets and pull up a few to see what’s going on.

      Thanks again! 🙂

  2. Happy Gardening also! I think your balcony is looking great with your plants growing, bigger & bigger! I just gave you an AWARD! Come on over & read why!! Here is the link:

    • Thank you SO much Sophie!! What a lovely honour! I am so grateful that you thought of me and more importantly, that you enjoy my blog. Many thanks!

  3. wow, what a green thumb you have! And your balcony puts my veggie patch to shame – I need to get planting!

    • Thank you so much. But it’s a lot of hit and miss I’m afraid. Some thing grow like wildfire and then others just get eaten by the birds! But it is very theraputic to look after things and watch them grow and even more satisfying if you actually get to eat something!!
      Thanks for stopping by.

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