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Reworked Mjadara

Yesterday I made a big batch of Mjadara  ( see yesterday’s post) but had some leftovers and thought I would change it up a little for today.

Especially cold from the fridge, it has a nice thick moldable texture, so why not see if we can make some burgers out of it??

That’s exactly what I did!

So get your “breading station” ready.  This consists of a plate of flour, a deeper dish with a beaten egg or two and finally a plate full of breadcrumbs of some kind.

I used panko crumbs because they are so pleasant.  I also added a few sprinkles of smokie paprika, a few sprinkled of dried garlic and some salt and pepper.

So now with your station set up, get your cold mjadara out of the fridge and form it into patties.

Admittedly, I was feeling lazy and or rushed and made four honkin big ones.  If I were doing it again, I would take my time and make much more reasonable ones.  Not because they don’t cook, because they are already cooked inside, but more because these babies barely fit into the pita pocket and left little room for fixins.

So use your judgement based on how you will use the patties.

When your patties are formed, get your fry pan ready with enough oil to cover the bottom.  If you enjoy the full on deep fry, feel free to do that too.

I imagine you could even bake them in the oven too if you wanted to avoid the frying method.

But on this occasion I did the medium version with just enough oil.

Take your patty and toss it around in the flour to cover all over.   Tap it a bit to get off the excess flour then into the egg bath.   Do what you can there and get enough egg on it so the bread crumb mixture will stick.   Then into the bread crumbs making sure the patty is well covered.

Then into the fry pan!   ( or on to a tray to be baked in the oven)

Cook on each side for about 3 -4 minutes or until the bread crumbs take on a nice crispy, toasty look.

Then out of the fry pan and on to a try in the oven to keep warm until the whole gang are done.

Now they are ready to dress at will.

We stuffed them in a pita pocket with some tomato, avocado, lettuce and special sauce.

A very nice summer meal.

And then the best part, I took the same thing the next day for my lunch, a completely cold version and it was just as good…..maybe……maybe even better!



Comments on: "Reworked Mjadara" (4)

  1. Healthy Moderation said:

    I never thought of using it like that, it looks so delicious.

    • I was very pleased with the results. I’m not too good with left overs of any kind in their orignal state cause they never seem as good as when you have them fresh. This worked out really well. Thanks again for the original recipe!

  2. A great & tasty idea to do that! 🙂 Yum Yum Yum!

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