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Just Because

I don’t really have a very good reason for writing this particular post other than the fact that I have a nice picture to go with it.

The Chef always seems to be very concerned about what I will have for “lunch”.  I haven’t the heart to tell him that most days I don’t actually eat “lunch”  per say.

But he made me these lovely sandwiches.

Don’t you find that sandwiches ALWAYS taste better when someone else makes them??

And don’t sandwiches somehow taste better when presented nicely, with fancy toothpicks and condiments.

Maybe it’s a childhood thing, from when we used to get cute crustless gems.

I don’t know.

Enjoy your sandwich.


a damn fine sandwich


Comments on: "Just Because" (6)

  1. wish i lived with a chef…

    • It has it’s perks. I always said that my two choices in a perfect husband would be a Chef…..or a hairdresser! Okay so my hair is a mess….but I eat well!

  2. Lovely filled & stacked sandwiches!! Can we have the recipe, please??? xxx

  3. That IS a great photo! And the sandwiches look seriously yummy…

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