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Very Berry Cakes

I found myself with and abundance of berries.

I use them in smoothies and freeze them and all that but I feel that blackberries in particular kind of annoy me in a smoothie.  I find that the  seeds get caught in your teeth.

I was going to make some muffins but I didn’t have any baking cup liners and didn’t feel like greasing and cleaning and all that nonsense, so I just opted for some pancakes instead.

I always make my batters in the blender because then you can pour it easily into the frying pan.

So start with your favorite pancake recipe.  I use a lot of “groovy” stuff in mine to make them more nutritious, like oatmeal and chia and all that, but any batter will do.

Then add about 1/2 cup or more of black berries, or the berries of your choice.

The black berries make the cakes super purple, which in some circles is kinda cool.

While they are cooking on the first side, I gently add a few blue berries to each cake, that way they stay in one piece and don’t make the cakes double purple!

Keep the cooked ones warm until you are ready to serve.

I didn’t feel like the usual maple syrup so I added a dollop or two of my favorite lemon goat cheese and a few drizzles of honey.

Very Berry Cakes

Very nice way to start the day!


Comments on: "Very Berry Cakes" (8)

  1. A great way to make your batter in the blnder! I am also going to do this!
    Your berry cakes look sensational & tasty too! 🙂 A lovely post! Yum Yum Yum!

  2. Looks so good.

  3. Cheese and honey on pancakes! what a great idea!

  4. a very time-appropriate post because i made some blueberry pancakes this past weekend! i used my mom’s simple-but-trusted recipe of flour, oil, egg, milk, and baking powder. so then i just added a whole bunch of blueberries to the batter and stirred it up. however, i found the batter too thick and doubted that i’d put enough milk in it, so i added more milk. they seemed to take a bit longer to cook than non-berried pancakes, but they looked good, and none got burned! however, as my mom cut into hers (after first poking it and prodding it as she often does to the food i cook), some raw batter oozed out! aiyiyi! i said, just eat it! stop inspecting it! then she made the comment, “someone should have taught you to cook!” to which i later replied, umm…wasn’t that YOUR job??? hahaha
    but most of the pancakes seemed to be done enough, and Colton even asked for seconds, saying “yummy!” but i doubt i’ll be put back in charge of cooking breakfast again!!

    • Getting the right ratio is always hard. And then adding the berries can mess it up. That’s why I like the trick that the Chef taught me by adding the berries after you start cooking them!!

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