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Cooking shows of old

I was cleaning out some papers the other day and found a file marked “recipes”.  That isn’t too weird because I have a lot of those lying around.

What was funny was that it was a file filled with weird bits of whatever, used envelopes, corners of newspapers, phone bills and every assorted size of note paper you can imagine, all with chicken scratched notes that vaguely resembled recipes of some kind.

Remember in the old days of watching the cooking shows on TV when if you wanted the recipe you had grab something and WRITE IT DOWN!!

Most people didn’t actually waste their valuable VCR tape space with things like cooking shows.  There were no PVRs where you could just rewind and watch it over and over again till you caught each detail!     And there certainly wasn’t the internet where you could just go look up and immediately print the recipe while still watching on the program!!  Or better yet, call it up on your smart phone or tablet and just have that in the kitchen with you while you cook!

Sure, some people did actually go out and buy the cookbook, but that didn’t help if you wanted to make the dish that night!

Check this out to catch the old school master of TV cooking.



Comments on: "Cooking shows of old" (7)

  1. roxanne said:

    yeah, i remember writing down recipes! that’s why i never watched cooking shows…cause how were you to remember how to actually make it?

  2. How cool that you still have those notes! There might be a real gem in there. 🙂

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