Good things to eat

I have noticed that most of my posts of late haven’t contained any meat.

Could be that I am influenced by the large vegan audience I seem to have.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think that following a vegan or vegetarian diet is great for those who CHOOSE it.  There are some great health benefits and sustainable living elements to a plant-based diet.

But I will also have to point out, that from my training, there can be a place for animal products in the diet as well.

I believe it should be an individual choice.   You must eat what makes you feel best, physically and morally.

I believe you should make the choices based on the philosophy that I live by “Do the best you can with what you’ve got!”

Be that economically, geographically or food  availability or your  preparations skills or what sort of space or equipment you have.

The best tool is knowledge.

Try to eat as much real food from as close to its real form as possible.

And eat with gratitude.

I am extremely grateful for the beautiful Sunday dinner, including meat, that the Chef made for us last night!

Braised short ribs with seasonal veg

What do you think?

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