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Green Drink

After watching that documentary  Hungry For Change I felt very motivated to get back on the health wagon.

Not that I had jumped completely off by any means…..but from time to time I drag my feet off the back of the wagon…..just a little.

So since watching that movie I have been hardcore back to juicing and the like.

One thing that keeps coming up and of which I have tried many times over the years but just haven’t been able to consistently choke down, is Spirulina!  ( click on each of the highlights to get a different bit of information )

Now PLEASE be assured, that Spirulina is in fact a SUPER FOOD!!   Just punch it into your search engine and you will see more than enough proof of the wonders if posesses!

The problem is, it smells bad.  It brings to mind the smell of old grass clippings, by the side of the road, that have been rained on, or worse.   The taste isn’t too much better, but I think that’s because you can smell it.  

Now in my reading about Spirulina most of the serious nutrition people say that it must be consumed straight.   As in just added to some water, stirred and drank.    But even though they say that the best way to consume Spirulina is in a glass of water, it doesn’t actually blend very well with the water at all and is gloppy and unappealing.  The Chef refers to it as “fish snot”.

While others say you can use it as part of a smoothie ( as in  HIDE IT!!! ) but there is evidence that it doesn’t work as well.

So what to do?  Use it infrequently because you can’t stand it or hide it in stuff but then not receive the full benefit??

It also comes in tablet form but I haven’t read up enough on that yet to decide what I think.

Click here  to watch one brave soul trying to convince us that it isn’t so bad!

So on this occasion I needed to make more of a smoothie type drink in order to get my daily fill.


Quite simple, in the Magic Bullet add:

  • 1 heaping tsp of Spriulina
  • 1 banana
  • enough almond milk to cover

Whiz it up.

Drink immediatly otherwise it will start to seperate.

I’m not gonna lie.  You can still kinda smell it in there, but the banana really helps.

I would welcome ANY suggestions on how to change my attitude about how to enjoy this product!


Comments on: "Green Drink" (2)

  1. I admire your committment. Me? I’d down a quick vodka before I went for it

  2. Spirulina is a single-celled, microscopic blue green algae that is part of the cyanobacteria family. It grows in alkaline waters of South America, Africa and Mexico.chlorella for health

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