Good things to eat

Brown drink

I have a new favorite concoction that I have been whipping up.   Makes a great breakfast, lunch or snack when you need a pick me up.

But it is filled with all sorts of nutritional goodness!

I make it in the Magic Bullet, but a blender would work  just fine too.

Start by adding as much “milk” as the size of the drink you are going to have.

I used almond milk.

Then add a spoonful or two of Chia seeds.  These are a great high protein, fill you up, kind of thing!

Then I give them a quick whiz in the bullet and then put them back in the fridge for at least half and hour, but the longer the better.

Chia is better when left in a liquid for an amount of time because they start to expand and get frothy, which I guess is why they also fill you up and help with “fibre like duties”!

Then after you’ve let it sit awhile, and for that matter chill, you can add a spoon or two of pure coco ( not the sugary stuff!!).

And a spoon or two of Mesquite powder ( read up on Mesquite, it’s a Super food!) that tastes like malt as in a “Malted milk” which was a favorite of mine as a child at the Dairy Queen.

Mesquite powder

So then whiz these up and you have a very enjoyable beverage that is the next best thing to a grown up version of my childhood favorite.

Give it a try, not only does it taste great…….but it’s great for you!!


Comments on: "Brown drink" (8)

  1. Jacqueline Dinsmore said:

    I noticd you often use almond milk. Is it as good as/better than dairy milk? Does it have calcium (my main use for milk)?

    • I have to admit that I could never just sit down to a “glass of almond milk” nor have I been able to enjoy it in tea…..but it is GREAT for smoothies or on cereal or anywhere a slightly sweeter tasting product would be welcomed. And yes, net milks have calcium and in fact it is more bio-available than the calcium in dairy! So there.

  2. I like using Chia but sometimes I find it, gritty or lumpy.

    • I find that the longer you let it soak and the more liquid it absorbs, the less that way it will be. Also, it is fine to grind it up before use in say a coffee grinder or the like.

  3. I have never heard of mesquite powder but I want to check it out now. I do occasionally miss milk shakes since going dairy free.

  4. you have a Magic Bullet????!!!!!
    I have secretly watched those infomercials, and have been tempted to buy, but never dared to!

    • I’m actually surprised how much I enjoy it. It is very good for one servings of smoothies and such. But it is also good for making salad dressings and sauces in a snap.

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