Good things to eat

Now I’m no horticulturist, but I am pretty SURE that what I’ve got growing in my pot is NOT Swiss Chard!!

I can’t imagine how this happened.  I keep a basket with all of my little seed packages that I use over the years and so I went back to review the pictures.  I mean….I could have absent-mindedly grabbed the wrong packet of seeds and not put chard in the pot……..perhaps?   But there is really nothing in my seed collection that looks like THIS stuff!!

What is this??

My only thought… that over the winter I used this particular pot to toss a few handfuls of bird seed into now and then.

When it came to planting the chard, I just used the same pot that was already half full of dirt, tossed in from fresh dirt on top and then added the chard seeds.  Perhaps whatever bird seed is…..was lingering underneath and grew up crazy!

If I look closely there ARE a couple of red stemmed spouts that could actually be chard.  But obviously what ever this stuff is has smothered it to death!

NOT chard!

What an unfortuante turn of events.  I shall let this stuff continue to grow……see if it grows up to be anything….even a flower perhaps……but I tasted it and it wasn’t very good.

Back to the drawing board on the chard!

But in better news, the little tomato plants are coming along very nicely and I am 99% certain they ARE in fact tomato plants!!

Yes, these ARE tomato plants!


Comments on: "Something has gone terribly wrong" (7)

  1. Hmm… how odd. Something really ha gone wrong! I can’t work out what it is!

  2. I’ve decided against eating it in a salad! I tasted one leaf and it was sort of bitter….which could mean bad things. I’ll give it another week inside….see if it flowers or anything then I’ll put it outside and the birds will probably pick away at it……or WILL they??

  3. Looks like sunflowers to me.

    • I thought that too at first……like back when I still thought it was chard….I thought “Hmmm… chard looks an awful lot like sunflowers….” But there weren’t any sunflower seeds in my particular bird seed mix. More millet looking things and other similar sized seeds.

  4. […] is, I still have NO idea what the heck these are!   ( If you are just joining us, CLICK HERE to catch up on what I am on about )  But it seems they grow bigger by the day! Mystery […]

  5. Yevette Lairson said:

    Bird seeds are really nice since they can make your bird grow healthy and fit. –

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