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Red Juice

My friend Rose suggested I try this drink.

She’s funny my friend Rose, she used to be a coke a cola drinking, white bread eating none believer.  Then when I started going to nutrition school I would call her up the next day and tell her what I had learned.  At the time, she was suffering from various aliments and conditions and slowly she would try this or that I had shared with her from school.  And much to her amazement, many of the recommendations worked to alleviate or remove her afflictions!

Now a days you wouldn’t even recognize the old Rose.  She is radiant and enjoys good health and even does YOGA!!  I created a monster!  But a damn healthy monster!!

So he told me about a drink that she has concocted that she is currently enjoying.

Basically you will need a blender, although I my first go I just made it in the little old Magic Bullet and it came out just fine! 


 But if you make it in the blender you can obviously make more and have a smoother beverage.


So in your blender or bullet add in no particular order on a 1:1 ratio depending on how much you want:

  • washed, peeled and diced raw beet
  • cored and diced apple
  • fresh blue berries ( and or other berries)
  • a few ice cubes
  • filtered cold water

Then whiz it up in whatever machine you are using until it is as fine and frothy as can be.


Drink immediately…….OR save for later and drink some more.

I made a big batch and the Chef and I drank it.  It tasted good and is refreshing, I just had a bit of a problem with the “meaty” texture in my mouth.  But there is no reason why you couldn’t strain it and still enjoy all of the fortifying goodness!!


I re-whized the left overs again the next day and this time added the squeeze of half a lime juice to it.  Really perked it up.

Was very nice and you could just FEEL the antioxidants coursing through your veins!!

Thanks Rose!



Comments on: "Red Juice" (2)

  1. I think I’d have to juice beets, I don’t think I could do a beet smoothie. But your post made me run out and buy some beets for juicing, so thank you! My fave is beet, apple, parsley, lemon and ginger. Good for the liver (for those of us who drink. And I do.)

  2. Glad to be of service and so glad you are taking care of your liver!!!

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