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Healthy Breakfast things

I saw this recipe on a magazine page and thought I might like to try them.

Click here  to see original recipe.

They seemed easy enough but once into them I realized they might be a lot more work than I’d planned for and required a number of appliances!

Firstly I didn’t have any ground flax.   Many will argue with me, but we were taught in nutrition school that in order for ground flax to be nutritionally viable,  that isn’t to say it isn’t good as fibre, but in order to reap the benefits of the omega 3 content, you must grind it immediately before using.

So I had to grind the flax seeds.  For some reason I thought I could do it in the food processor, but they are slippery little fellows, so I had to take them out of the food processor and put them into the coffee/ spice grinder to effectivly grind them!

Then I realized I didn’t have any apple sauce, but I did have fresh apples.  Should I put them through the juicer and just use the pulp?  That would require ANOTHER appliance wouldn’t it?  So I instead chopped them up, skin on, and tossed THEM into the food processor and worked them till they were all squashed up. Then poured them into the mix master ( now our third appliance!)

Then I used the food processor again to grate the carrots and ginger, but it was already dirty from the apples, so it doesn’t really count as another appliance.

Then followed the recipe per instructions and then into the oven – appliance number four!

They turned out very nice I must say, even if they were a lot of work.

But keep in mind, they are NOT cookies.   These are very hearty.  I had a couple for breakfast this morning, heated in the toaster oven and dabbed with a bit of peanut butter.  Very filling and satisfying.

I was thinking that they would do good on a hiking trip where you needed some nice compact energy.

Healthy carrot cake cookies

So if you have the time and the appliances, give them a try!


Comments on: "Healthy Breakfast things" (2)

  1. Those look fantastic!

    I have a coffee grinder dedicated specifically to flax. It just dawned on me that I am exactly THAT OCD.

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