Good things to eat

Well, not really.

But you know those “hot pepper” rings that come in a jar or that they have at hot dog stands to put on your wiener or on pizzas or what have you?

Did you know they are super easy to make and it doesn’t involve all of that “sterilizing of jars” business and all the other day long activities associated with “pickling”?

I had some red jalapeno peppers kicking around.  I often get too many thinking I am going to do one thing or another with them  but then they start to get tired looking so I panic and need to do something right away, or worse, let them shrivel to oblivion.

But today I had an idea I’d thought I’d try.   The Chef LOVES his little hot peppers from the jar but let’s face it, unless you do it yourself, who really knows what is in that pickling potion or what sort of alchemy is preformed to get them in those jars!

I’ll admit that I wore some food preparing gloves to perform this task.  I find that cutting hot peppers never really burns my fingers, but every so often I forget and touch my face or worse my eye and cry with agony from the burn!   Or I’ll cut hot peppers and then put on my dish gloves to wash something, only to find that I catch a burn off them for a week to come!

So use caution when cutting the hot peppers, or at the very least wash your hands immediately and repeatedly!

I washed the peppers well and then cut off the stems.  I took a paring knife and dug in and cut out the ribs inside and then pulled the innards out with my (glove clad) fingers and then tapped them over the sink ( or garbage) to get out the last seeds.

Then cut them into nice thin circles.   It is when cutting hot peppers that you wish you can do that “Hey look at me I don’t even have to look while I chop…” chef trick because more than once in my time I’ve had a little bit a pepper juice squirt up and get me in the eye.  I probably shouldn’t recommend this but I tend to squint a little when I cut hot peppers, but perhaps protective eye wear might be a better answer!

So cut up all your little peppers and place them in a sealable GLASS jar or bowl.  I don’t like to use plastic when dealing with acid products and whatever you do, don’t use metal with them!

Then add a couple of teaspoons of plain old white sugar, depending on how many peppers you have.   I know I am not a fan of plan old white sugar, but in this case it is probably the best option and certainly better than commercial preservatives!

Then enough white vinegar to cover them.   Give them a bit of stir to mix everything together.  Seal up your jar or bowl and stick them in the fridge.

I’d give them at least an hour or two to “cook” before using them.

The Chef tried them and thought they were great!  Put them on his salad and sandwiches or any place you’d like to add an extra zing!

And when you make small batches you can easily use them up before they go off, but they will probably last comfortably for a week or two in the fridge.


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