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Birthday Cake

Are you always the person who gets asked to “Please make the cake?” for any occasion?

No, me neither!

That’s cause baking isn’t really my forte.   If you visit my blog often you will have noticed that I’m not exactly a recipe girl, I take  more of a toss some stuff together and hope it tastes good kind of attitude.   Which is fine if you like to think of cooking as an expression of “art” or something like that.

That sort of approach also doesn’t bode too well as a professional Chef where “consistency” if often the desired outcome.

The problem with baking is that it is more of an exact science, chemistry, if you will.  Where it DOES actually matter if you use a teaspoon or a tablespoon.

But every now and again I take the plunge into the baking world, especially if it is for a good cause, like someone’s birthday!  And on this particular occasion I lucked out and managed to create a very celebratory worthy creation!  Although I still have to admit, I was a bit lacks on my “exact measurements”!

I like to look at pictures of stuff on the internet and then try and make them, unlike smart people who actually look up the recipe.  I’ve been eyeing this layered cake for some time now and thought I might like to try it out.

Because this particular birthday celebration fell dangerously close to Valentines Day, I thought I best go with the spirit of that and make a very chocolate and “pink” cake.

I started by baking four 8″ round chocolate cakes.   I used the recipe from TV’s Food Network show The Barefoot Contessa  ( click here ) as a guideline and then jazzed it up with a few things of my own, like extra chocolate and the like.

Four plain chocolate cakes

Once those were baked and cooled, it was time to make the icing.

Basically I mixed unsalted butter, plain cream cheese and icing sugar……let’s say 1/2 cup of each, but who’s counting?   Oh yeah and a little shot of good vanilla.   Then whipped them together in the mixmaster with the whisk attachment.   When it was well whipped, I added a few drops of colour and whipped it some more and kept on like that till I got the desired colour.

Add pink icing

But then it didn’t really look like it was going to be enough to achieve my desired effect, which was to have layers of chocolate with nice pink squish oozing out in between.   And the butter cream combo seemed just a little too rich, so I decided to whip up a batch of whipped cream too.   I also made this pink, but not AS pink as the icing, just to give it some contrast.

Icing and whipped cream

I also remembered I had some fresh raspberries in the fridge, so why not add them to the party as well?

First I laid out all of the naked cakes, then topped them with the pink icing.

Then a layer of the less pink whipped cream

Then a layer of fresh raspberries.

Then carefully assembled the structure on top of the cake stand.

And to top it off, I stuck a few lovely tulips in the top! 

Flowers on top

But be sure to put some plastic wrap on the ends of them.  I don’t think they are dangerous but still…..nobody needs flower juice leaking into your cake!!

And there you have it!  Beautiful birthday cake!

Photo courtesy of Mandy Leith


Comments on: "Birthday Cake" (5)

  1. That is such a pretty and amazing birthday cake 😀

  2. Gorgeous!

  3. As the lucky recipient of this birthday cake, you should know that IT TASTED EVEN BETTER THAN IT LOOKED! Which is saying something, because it was clearly a beauty to behold. It was dark chocolatety, not too sweet, moist, chewy at the edges, creamy, silky icing — and then the fresh raspberries. Oh my. Delectable is only a word. It was more. And it sliced well…should I go on? This one’s a keeper. Thanks friend!

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