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Beet on Beet Salad

 I never liked beets as a child, thought they tasted like dirt.

But now I love them and eat them every chance I can.  They are very very good for you!

The Chef and I worked together to whip up this two kind of beets two ways refreshing salad.

First I whipped out my spiralizer and cut one of each, red and golden,  raw peeled beets, into beautiful strings.

Meanwhile, the Chef boiled up some of the same.

Then we met back to assemble the salad.

Start with nice slices of cooked beet that you will alternate with Salt Spring Goat Cheese ( click here ) and another slice of the other coloured beet.

Once those are stratigicly spaced, add a handful of mixed greens in the centre and then top with a couple of handfuls of red and golden beet spirals.

Top with your favorite dressing.    Could be a meal in it’self!

Two beet salad

Comments on: "Beet on Beet Salad" (2)

  1. I’ve been craving beets all week. This post has put me over the edge. To the shops I go!!

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