Good things to eat

Are health shows healthy?

This weekend I attended the 21st annual Victoria health show.

I’ve probably attended every year since I’ve lived here, but to be honest, I’m not really too sure why.   Usually it is just a crush of people vying to get their hands on samples and free stuff ( me included!)

That’s why I wonder just how healthy the health show is.  Never mind the fact that you have a much of people all crammed together in a room in winter, breathing on each other and all with their hands grabbing at food samples and probably “double dipping”!

And then you go around from booth to booth trying a lot of stuff that don’t necessarily go together.  “Here eat this, drink this, try this……..”  A barrage of “healthy” snacks, vitamins, power bars, energy drinks, “green” drinks, this oil and that oil, exotic nuts and berries from far off lands, you name it.

Alone, most of them are quite harmless, but a few hours of downing this stuff, not really knowing how they interact with each other can be down right dangerous!  I know that I always leave all hopped up and talking fast!

Calm before the storm

There are so many exhibitors, all trying to convince you that their stuff will fix whatever is ailing you or add years to your life or take years off your face!  All sorts of people offering to do various procedures with odd machines and charts.  And then every now and then there will be one booth that just doesn’t seem to fit in, like financial planners or the really odd one, the funeral director! In another room they have demonstrations of the latest fitness crazy or body work you might like to sign up for.

And then there are the people who attend these shows.  About 70% of them do NOT look at though they enjoy good health, leading me to wonder if they are just there looking for a magic pill of some kind or willing to believe the latest promise.  The other 30% is made up of nice ladies with their elderly mothers, guys who have been dragged along by their woman and hippies.

I like listening to the keynote speakers in the auditorium.   They usually get some very reputable people who’s books you have surely seen on the shelves or even on all the talk shows.  I always come away with some new information from them that give me food for thought.  But then inevitably they always end by flogging some supplement product that their name is attached to.  Modern day snake oil salesman?  Or it that the only way they can get paid to get their message out?

Hard to say.

I still like to go because for all the hype and being “sold to” I aways come away with something of value.  Some new information that I can then look into myself and do my own research on.

So I think that is the moral of this story.  Don’t believe everything you are told, but don’t stop seeking because you might just find the answer you are looking for when you least expect it!


What do you think?

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