Good things to eat

Somewhere on the I-5

We got started bright and early the next day after a wild evening of outlet shopping!

I DID mention there is no sales tax in Oregon right??

Last night we just ended up getting some grilled cheese, mind you really great grilled cheese filled with local Tillamook cheese, sandwiches at a family restaurant next to the outlet mall.

This was also the last day of the free breakfast buffet so we had to make sure we had the obligatory Belgium waffle, but to be honest I really wasn’t that into it.  I was looking forward to the holiday binge being over soon, but there was still one big celebration left!

So we got a good jump on the drive but as expected, eventually our stomaches got the best of us and we had to stop for some lunch.  Especially because it was New Year’s Eve and so we wouldn’t be eating dinner till later than usual, so we had to give in.

We pulled off the I-5 at a town called Castle Rock, Washington.  I have to admit that I have driven by Castle Rock a bunch of times in my life and have yet to identify any particular “rock” that looks like a castle, but maybe it is off the road somewhere.

We stopped at a place called “Peper’s 49er Restaurant”. 

Peper's 49er restaurant

This is a very unsuspecting place.  Just a joint by the side of the road, we weren’t expecting much but it was really a good experience.  

It was lunch time, but I ended up ordering breakfast and the Chef ended up ordering off the dinner menu and everyone was more than happy to accommodate us!

The service was exceedingly pleasant and most of the clientele you could tell were regulars mixed with a few folks like us who had wandered in off the interstate.

I had a very satisfying full deal breakfast and the Chef ordered the fish & chip dinner that came with a drink and dessert included.   We were very satisfied with our bellies full and ready to face the new year!


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