Good things to eat

The Journey North

Well after a week of over indulgence in the South it was time to set our sights on the journey North. 

I almost want to say that I was a little tired of eating altogether, but luckily that wore off.

We packed up all of our loot, hugged the relatives good-bye and set off North.  Our big concern for the next few days was to get through the Cascade mountains without meeting up with any snow.  That’s why we had taken the coast on the way down, to avoid any such unpleasant weather as the mountains are prone to have this time of year.  Our only goal was to make it to Seattle by New Years Eve because we had plans that we had to get to.

But unlike the trip down, we hadn’t plotted any particular culinary stops on the way back and were just going to have to take our chances.

I’m afraid that this first day was a bust when it came to eating.  We stopped somewhere outside of Sacramento because we were starving and could go no further.  We had been looking for a Sonic Burger, because of the many American burger chains available, I have always found that one to be my favorite.   But instead we had to settle with an IN/OUT burger.  I had heard good enough things, but, I regret to say that I found it most average.  I will give it the benefit of the doubt in that we were pretty much over eating in general and so anything may seem a chore, but unfortunately that is the way things turned out.

We stopped for the night in Redding California.  That is the last sort of “real” place on the I-5 before heading up into the mountains.  It was getting dark so we figured we would get a fresh start in the morning to tackle Mount Shasta.

We had no dinner plans but we happened to pick up a flyer in the lobby of the hotel for a near by restaurant.  I was very excited at the prospect, it was called ” Dill’s Southern Style Barbecue”.  Now I love BBQ and this place sounded like a “joint” which usually always turns out to have the best stuff!

But sometimes that can be furthest from the truth!

Now I am usually of the thought that if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all, but I’m afraid it is my civic duty to warn you NOT to waste your vacation or eating pleasure on this place.  It is just plain bad.  I can’t even make any excuses for bad days on their part or ours.  It felt like eating in the back room at your garage while you are waiting for your oil change.   Bright fluorescent lighting, absolutely no decor, indifferent service and the food was microwaved and  awful.   Sorry Dill but I won’t be back!

The next morning when we got up it was pouring rain!!  Hopefully it wouldn’t be coming down as snow in the mountains.

Mount Shasta - photo courtesy of Blooming Rose Press

This is a picture of Mount Shasta on a clear day when it is quite spectacular, but on our day passing by we couldn’t even see her for the fog and rain.  

I’ve never actually stopped for any reason,  in the town Weed, which is high up in the mountains,  but the exit sign gets me every time!

Finally we made the trek through the most threatening part of the mountains and decided to stop for lunch in Eugene, Oregon.

I’ll admit that I have never stopped there either.  Usually when I am heading up the I-5 it is alone and I am on a mission to get to the Canadian border and don’t have time to stop and explore the towns along the way but we were in no immediate hurry so we ventured in.  Eugene is in a ways off the highway and not just an exit on the highway.

We had a hankering for some pizza and would have been happy with just a pizza parlour type scenario but instead we lucked out with a place called La Perla“.

La Perla Eugene Oregon

What a wonderful surprise this was!  The have those wonderful Neopolitan style pizzas with handmade dough and then cooked in one of those fancy dome ovens for 90 seconds at 1200 degrees!

We split the Caesar Salad and then I had the Capricciosa which consisted of:

Pomodoro San Marzano, artichokes, mushrooms, olives, fresh house made mozzarella, prosciutto cotto and Parmesan.

The Chef had the Campagnola topped with:

Pomodoro San Marzano, fresh house made mozzarella, Italian sausage, porsciutto cotto and Calabrese salami.

They were fresh and delicious!   If you are ever in Eugene, this place is worth the stop!!


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