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Christmas in California

I suppose it might have bothered me when I was a kid, spending Christmas time with no snow.

But then I grew up and decided I’m not that keen on snow.   That’s why I live in Victoria, BC.

We get snow from time to time and everyone is delighted because it is a novelty.  As long as it doesn’t last more than a few hours I can tolerated it, but longer than that, it offends me.

I like that I can “see” the snow from Victoria, the snow caps of on the Olympic mountains across the straight never completely go away and in winter I can always “visit” snow if I really need to.

So spending Christmas in California, in the snow free parts, is just fine by me!

How can you not be pleased by having an orange or a lemon  tree in your back yard??

Orange tree

Lemon tree

Grapefruit tree

Or what about these beautiful cactus?  I do believe you can eat these.  I have seen them for purchase in the store.  I’m not all together sure how to prepare them though.

And how nice is it to just wander around the neighbourhood to collect some nice bits of stuff for a Christmas table centre piece?   There are whole hedges of rosemary!!

Centre piece gathered in the neighbourhood

Christmas dinner table

And I don’t know about you but I really enjoyed sitting on the back patio in the sun drinking my egg nog waiting for the guests to arrive!!


Comments on: "Christmas in California" (2)

  1. Funny! I live in London and the last time we had a white Christmas was 1977!

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