Good things to eat

The Oregon coast is one of the most breath-taking areas around and I like to take Highway 101 down the coast any chance I get.

After Portland we cut off the I-5 and took Highway 18 West till we hit the coast again at Lincoln City.  I often make a pit stop in Lincoln City because there is a big outlet mall and of course on sales tax in Oregon so you can often pick up a deal or two.

The trip along the coast took a little longer than planned because we made a lot of stops to look at everything.  Then as we grew hungry, it was so hard to choose what to eat because every little town seems to have somewhere interesting to stop.  But we kept saying “just one more town and then we will stop for lunch”.  Before you knew it we found ourselves at almost 3:00 in the afternoon.

We pulled into a town called Reedsport and saw they first place on the left, looked kinda like a light house.  This is the place!  We can go no further!

We didn’t really have much expectations because it just looked like a road side coffee shop but were surprised to see so many cars there this late in the afternoon. 

Harbor Light Restaurant

Inside, it was very charming and had that “coastal town” theme of a lot of fish related decor.  But the atmosphere was friendly and the waitress extremely pleasant.

We went for the special of the day which was a cabbage roll dish.

What arrived were two huge plates of food.  Beautiful home-made tasting cabbage rolls topped with a zesty merinara sauce and a big portion of salad with dressing that definitely didn’t taste like it came from a bottle.

All the other customers seemed very pleased with their dishes as well.

When I looked up the Harbor Light Restaurant on restaurant review sites there appeared to be only great comments.

Well done Harbor Light, you were a beacon in our day!!


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