Good things to eat

Don’t be so fast to dismiss the “Complimentary Breakfast” that a lot of the motor Inns and road side hotels are offering these days!

Things have come a LONG way from the old days when “Continental breakfast included” consisted of and old jug of water on a hot plate, some tear open packages of freeze-dried coffee, powdered milk and some day old super sweet, super dried up muffins tucked in the corner on a card table next to the front desk!

No no no, now they have dedicated breakfast rooms that can usually accommodate about 30 people at a time.  And a glowingly versatile offering of breakfast fare.

There is always coffee and tea ( with real milk and cream) and juice of some kind.   A selection of cereals including oatmeal, a good choice of bread products like English muffins, bagels, raison bread and a toaster to toast them in, with a good selection of toppings.

Then there is usually always some fruit of some kind, bananas, apples etc.  I’ve seen yogurt and even hard-boiled eggs!  A lot of the places now are even offering a few hot selections like scrambled eggs, potatoes, bacon and sausage.

And then don’t forget the ever popular make them yourself Belgium waffles in the big machine that a lot of folk can’t seem to master on the first try.

So no matter what your breakfast style is you can pretty much find SOMETHING to eat that will get you on your way.

We even fill up our “to go” coffee mugs as we are packing into the car so we have one for the road.

So don’t dismiss the breakfast bar so quickly, they even usually have free news papers!!

Complimentry hotel breakfast


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