Good things to eat

Our holiday road trip continues………

After our lovely ferry ride ( I always love ferry rides!) we arrived in Port Angeles Washington.

Heading towards Port Angeles Washington

Port Angeles Washington

Then we hung a left and headed off for points South on Highway 101.

But I feel the need to point out that if you go the other way on Highway 101, not exactly to the right, but more kind of straight and then to the right a bit later……but if you keep on for about say 45 minutes towards West on Highway 101 you will come to the infamous town of Forks!
Yes, the same Forks where all those vampires from the “Twilight” series are alleged to live!!
Forks Washington home of “Twilight”

But today we went the other way.  It is a pleasant enough drive between Port Angeles and Olympia.  A winding road through a lot of forest and by some nice lakes.  But this time of year there isn’t too much to eat along the way.  I would imagine that it is quite different in summer because there were a lot of  resorts and camping areas, but this time of year they were all shut. 

Eventually our morning breakfast sandwiches wore off and we were looking for something to eat.  It’s a fairly rugged area where I imagine the hunting might be quite good, be we aren’t much for that so we were gonna need a restaurant!

We stopped in a town called Sheldon, Washington. 

(Click here to read up on Sheldon


It has a nice Main Street with a number of choices of places to eat, but the one place that caught my eye, was a place called “Nita’s Koffee Shop”. 


Nita's Koffee Shop


 ( Click here to read about Nita )

This place is an old school diner.  Even had the whole milk shake set up that I haven’t seen in years and the straws in the glass jar with the metal lid that you pull up and it raises the straws for your enjoyment.

We ordered some Coca Colas from the fountain and checked out the specials.

Specials of the day

I ordered the Reuben Sandwich, but unfortunately we were too late and they were out of corn beef.  We both ended up ordering  cheese burgers.  The Chef ordered the “deluxe” and I just ordered the regular one.

The Chef’s version was pretty straightforward burger and fries, but mine came with potato chips and was cut in half!  I felt like a kid stopping at a friend’s house for lunch on our break from school!  It was too cute but I have to admit tasted like a real burger that someone’s mom made!

The service was friendly and polite but clearly they could tell that we “weren’t from around here” when I asked to take a picture of the “Christmas Trees” on the wall ( they are always there, they aren’t just for Christmas! ) but didn’t think I would get away with taking a picture of my “hamburger sandwich” without a little judgement.

But it was a very charming place and extremely reasonable, so if you ever find yourself in Sheldon Washington looking for a bit of lunch, check it out.


Nita's Koffee Shop


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