Good things to eat

Turkey schnitzel

Well now that we have two German style side dishes, I guess we will need something to go with them!

How about some turkey schnitzel?

Not a problem.

Here is what you will need:

  • thinly sliced raw turkey breast

Now you can beat them flatter or roll them or whatever OR you can just get a big breast and slice it thinly.  Which you will find much easier to do if your breast is slightly frozen.

Then prepare you battering station.

You will need three shallow vessels:

  • one with flour
  • one with beaten egg
  • one with jazzed up breadcrumbs ( you can add some paprika or poultry spice, chopped herbs, S&P etc)

Batter station

Then get your skillet nice and hot with a little oil in it and begin the process.

Dip the turkey fillet into the flour, coat well, then to the egg and finally to the breadcrumbs and then into the frying pan!

Turkey schnitzel

Cook thoroughly on both sides and then keep in a warm oven till you have completed your whole batch.

Then when you’ve cooked it all up, it’s time to partner them up with some braised cabbage and spaetzle!

Turkey schnitzel with braised cabbage and spaetzle


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