Good things to eat

Three appliance beverage.

Actually, I think it is technically a four appliance beverage!

In my last year of holistic school my roommate used to bring me one of these every Saturday morning from a restaurant called “Fresh” near where we lived in Toronto.  Then when I was finishing up school and had to do a work-study I did it there because like the name implies, they offer healthy fare.

So I learned to make this drink myself.

They call it “Deep Immune Elixir” if you are ever at Fresh and want to try it.

Here is what’s in it:

  • 6 dates
  • 1/2 or so of fresh ginger
  • 4 medium red apples
  • juice of one lemon
  • 1/2 ripe banana
  • 1 tbsp chywanprash  ( see yesterday’s post)

So now here is where all the appliances come in.

First, boil the kettle and put the dates in a small bowl and just barely cover them with boiling water.

Next appliance, the juicer.   Juice the apples and ginger per usual method.

juicing apples

Next is the blender.  Add the apple, ginger and lemon juice to the blender with the banana, blend till mixed.  Then add the soaked dates and the chywanprash and blend till smooth.

Next, transfer blended mixture to a sauce pan.

Heat the beverage till just warm.  DON’T let it boil or even get too hot.  That would destroy all of the enzymes in the juice and ruin the medicinal properties.

Deep immune elixer

Then put in a mug and drink like a nice cup of hot chocolate.  Only this will surely fix what’s ailing you!


Comments on: "Three appliance beverage." (3)

  1. Wow, this looks incredible. Surely worth the hassle of 4 appliances!

  2. […] is something I call the Three Appliance Beverage that will do […]

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