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Hazelnut butter

Don’t you find that any of the groovy “natural” nut butters in any of the stores are outrageously expensive??  Why not just make your own?  It’s actually quite easy.

Today I’m using hazelnuts because it’s what I happen to have, but pretty much any nut will do.

If you want to make the really natural “raw” version, then you need to soak the nuts for at least 12 hours, rinse and then follow the rest of the instructions.

But if you want the version that tastes more like store bought, you will have to roast the nuts first.

Place nuts on a baking sheet and put into a 350 oven.

Toast the nuts

Once they are toasted let them cool and then add to the food processor.

Start it up and let them grind.  It chops the nuts and at first it will seem like nothing will happen but just let it keep going. 

 It will take about five minutes or so and then the nuts will release their oils and it will look more like the nut butter you are used to.  If you like “chunky” nut butter stop sooner, but if you like smooth, let it go awhile longer.  It’s THAT easy!

At this point it is up to you how you would like to proceed.  I just like mine plain, but you could add a bit of a sweetener of some kind or some salt.  Or in the case of this hazelnut butter, you could add some coco powder and you’d have some home made “Nutella“.

Hazelnut butter

Place in a clean jar or container and keep it in the fridge.  It will last for a good few weeks, just remember to stir before using, because like all natural nut butters, it will separate and the oil will rise to the top.

Makes a wonderful snack!


Comments on: "Hazelnut butter" (4)

  1. Jacquie D. said:

    Hey, this looks really good. Do you have to peel the hazelnuts?

  2. It is up to you, depending on the “depth” of nuttiness you prefer, but you don’t need to. Martha Stewart has some great way of peeling hazelnuts, where she toasts them then tosses them in a collinder and rubs them around and they let go of their skin……I’d look it up first though, there might be more to it.

  3. Do you need to add additional oil?

    • You shouldn’t. Unless maybe if the nuts are old, they may need a little help. Just make sure you use something neutral so it doesn’t interfere with the flavour.

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